Grow with Platforma Summit for RSJ Community Initiators


Aleksandra Wilczura, 2006 ROIer, is the Chief Editor of 'Studia Bliskowschodnie-The Middle East' Academic Magazine, an initiative based at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She also works as a Jewish community initiator in various cities of Poland.

I applied for a Go Professional with ROIers! Micro Grant that enabled me to actively participate in Platforma Summit and to develop my soft skills as a Jewish educator and organizer of Jewish cultural, social and educational programs for Jewish Russian speaking communities.

The GoProfessional with ROIers! Micro Grant gave me a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with other ROIers that work and lead cultural, social or educational programs for Russian speaking Jewish communities on a daily basis around the world. All participants were professional Jewish leaders and specialists in various areas of Jewish culture and education. During our intensive sessions and lectures, we had a chance to teach and learn from each other all the time. It was the best place for exchanging ideas, sharing useful tips and information and receiving professional feedback about our work. We could think together about what we can change or improve in our own communities.

Thanks to this grant I met fantastic people, fantastic professionals that are passionate about their work within Jewish communities. This gave me good experience and knowledge, improved and developed my professional skills and connected me to other professionals in the same field.

After Platforma Summit I started to work on cultural projects for Russian Jewish communities in cooperation with three Platforma participants from USA, Ukraine and Lithuania.

Thank you Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and ROI Community for making it happen.