Jewish Museum Research in Vienna and Venice (with Paidea Alumni Conference 2014)


Andrea Ausztrics is a pre-doctorate researcher about Jewish museums, a video artist and a producer who has worked as a freelancer for more than ten years. She is part of different initiatives all around the Jewish globe such as ROI, the Muslim Jewish ConferenceMarom BudapestDor Hadas (as a Board Member), the European Masorti Movement and the MiNYanim Group.

I applied for the Go Learn! Micro Grant, which is a Go Research! category in my specific case. I got a postdoctorate junior researcher scholarship from the Hungarian government to do research in the Jewish Museum in Vienna. This was a great opportunity for me because writing a dissertation while working is very hard. Unfortunately, the Hungarian scholarships are not so generous, so I asked ROI to help me out. Thanks to this support, I was able to focus on researching and writing my dissertation.

The two months went by very fast, but I was able to read most of the relevant resources in the Jewish Museum’s Library and also in the National Library. I also met with the current curators, the previous one, the well-known Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek and the head of the educational department for an interview. These meetings helped me a lot to understand the structure of this institution, and generated further questions about the other museums' histories.
The third level of the research was less scientific, but very useful. I met some people from the local university who are teaching or studying related subjects, and also connected with some locals from the Jewish Community. Thanks to them I got to know interesting projects and issues related to my topic. Thanks to Yvonne Feiger, I also got some ideas about the local structures.

The Paideia Alumni Conference was also in May, so I decided to use this Micro Grant for both locations. The conference was in Venice, where Shaul Bassi organized a meaningful meeting for us, and we also spent significant time on the local issues like the redefinition of the Jewish Museum. We decided that we will keep in touch and we will think about the possibilities of the local Jewish museum and some art projects together. I also had the opportunity to give a lecture and show my new video production about Hungarian Jews after the Holocaust, the Third Generation. I co-directed this video to show different ideas and faces in Budapest behind the term "3rd generation Jews."

I would like to thank to ROI for this support - I think I gained a lot, and also for everyone in ROI community who has been with me these days and helped me out with meaningful conversations: Yvonne Feiger, Alan Grabinsky, Anneli Radestad & Paideia Staff & Paideia Alumni.