Open Letter to ROI Summit Participants 2016


An open letter:

Dear incoming Summit participants,

We are excited to welcome the new group of participants for this year’s ROI Summit! While ROI Summit staff team is busily preparing for our time together (work hard, play hard!), we thought we’d give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. Yes, you can expect to start your days with a workout, get your heart pumping with Wake and Shake and get the juices of your mind flowing with Brain Dates! Not sure what that is? Stay tuned for info.    

We love hearing your creative solutions at our Community Case Studies; come prepared with new ideas on how to improve our communities, both locally and globally. 

Get ready to meet an incredible range of entrepreneurs, academics, business professionals, educators and more! Prepare yourselves to network, collaborate and lead us to a better future. So bring your best ideas and your smile. We hope you will take advantage of all our Summit has to offer and all you have to offer each other.                           

Together we will Pause; Shift Perspective; Risk; and Re-Vision our future. Looking forward to seeing you there!