I Wasn’t Planning to Enjoy that Micro Grant


Bar Pereg is Co-founder of Perurim, a Social Trainer in PresenTense and a Freelance Business Development Consultant.

Sometimes you do things, just because you must. It is not necessarily a bad thing; it can be a milestone on the way to something that is fantastic. Something that is so outstanding, that you are willing to take a step that is not very delightful for the sake of the longer term desired consequences.

That was how I viewed the GMAT exam.

I heard horrible things about this exam, which is in fact the gatekeeper to the Master of Business Administration in many countries including Israel: “The worst exam EVER!” “…Did it 3 times and still missing 4 points…” “It will leave you with no time to shower!!!”

Sounds attractive… :)

But I went for it and thanks to the ROI Micro Grant, I could afford to go to an amazing course that not only provided me with the best possible techniques to address the questions, but also gave me a supportive framework that I am committed to. (This is the place to thank and recommend my professional, fun and funny teachers at OFEK, best GMAT school in Israel!)

In my daily routine, I work with lots of people, teaching, consulting, and coordinating. Sitting and studying quietly for sometimes 4-5 hours a day is not something I was prepared for, and surprisingly enough - I 

found it nice and right for me for now. I’m not saying I want to practice statistics and speed questions until the day I die, but for now, this milestone is proving itself to be beyond instrumental. I’m not sure how well I will do, but two important things I learned thanks to the ROI Micro Grant:

1) Sometimes, taking the time off to solve problems that are not what I am used to doing and to sharpen other sides of my brain, which I do not usually use - is exactly the mental retreat I need.

2) The Gordon pool is a great place to study!

Thank you ROI Community for once again helping me to avoid compromised choices regarding the things I care about.