Making the Difference!


Beto Maya is the Director of the Organization & Tourism Division at World WIZO. In his role, Beto develops relations with the WIZO Federations from all over the world. Beto is also responsible for organizing the flagship seminars and congresses that World WIZO organizes over the year.

As the Director of Organization & Tourism in World WIZO, I was invited to speak and participate in the 2014 Ibero-American Summit of Institutional Development Organizations that took place in Mexico City, with over 900 participants from the social sector. The Summit's goal was to gather and involve in conversation a wide range of people leading the social sector in Latin America in new trends in the field and to share best practices. Fortunately, I was invited by the organizers to share my thoughts about "How to involve the young generation in non-profits in the XXI century." 

The workshop I led was attended by over 80 people and included mostly people who were very worried about the lack of young participation in the non-profit world. In the workshop, I gave a general overview of the trends today in the social sector. Then, I engaged the participants in a meaningful discussion on what is the reality of each participant and organization and what their challenges are. Afterwards, I suggested—in a crowdsourcing brainstorm session—potential solutions for each challenge.

I had two main goals in my participation in the Summit: to be exposed to the challenges and solutions in the Latin American social sector field (which is well known as a major player in the world) and to meet potential partners for future cooperation.

At the Summit I met with very interesting people, from the director of one of the biggest foundations in Mexico—"Nacional Monte de Piedad"—to lots of very interesting social projects in Mexico, to Government officials who deal with that sector in Mexico and who shared their thoughts and insights on the field both in sessions and in informal conversations. 

One of the highlights of the Summit for me was the keynote speech of Jeff Tobe, a great speaker and the writer of the book "Coloring Outside the Lines." In his speech, Jeff Tobe shared with us, in a very dynamic way, his thoughts about how to involve your team in meaningful and fruitful team work. I definitely took some of his suggestions to my personal and professional life. With no doubt, my participation at the Summit gave me lots of tools and connections, and also gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts with participants from all over Latin America.

Thanks a lot to the ROI Community for giving me the opportunity to take part in such a meaningful and impactful event.