The Best Digital Marketing MBA in Latin American


Daniel Konskier is partner in a startup studio called Polo Marte and has been coordinating the Digital Marketing department of the studio. He has been searching for inovations in his area and how to support the studio products with his knowledge.

Had it not been for ROI Community, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to start this MBA. Thanks to the Micro Grant program I was able to start paying the tuiton for my Digital Marketing MBA.

With this opportunity I could enroll myself in one of the best institutions in Latin American that provides MBAs, called Fundação Getúlio Vargas. They are the best MBA in Digital Marketing in Latin America, and all the professors engaged in the course are known by name in the field.

The course has classes that range from consumer behavior, to more specific classes that have the objective of preparing the students to get into management positions.

And with this opportunity I’m already able to see all the progress my career is having. I’m gaining knowledge and expertise in areas in which I had only empirical knowledge before. I’m more able to fulfill my responsibilities in my job and propose innovations to the products we have.

And one of the best parts of being in such an MBA program is the networking. I was already able to get to know people working in the biggest companies in Brazil and to exchange a lot of experience and knowledge with them.

Thanks to ROI I am able, once more, to take my studies further.