Calling on all ROI''s time to Crowd-AcTEEvate your cause!


David Kramer, founder and CEO at NU Campaign, based in Jerusalem, helping non-profits throughout the world

With the help of this Micro Grant, I am very excited to launch this NU video which promotes our new website and online AcTEEvism model! In January this year, we closed down our retail store in Jerusalem, as I concluded that our generation has "gone online" and since then, my team and I have pursued with all our energy, the most effective way to make a positive impact for non-profits on the net.  I am therefore very proud to launch the “new nucampaign” - we now allow all you ROIers (and others) to launch your own customized T-shirt campaign for a charity, cause, loved one, project or event, and raise funding and awareness for your cause. I have always felt that T-shirts are one of the most powerful ways to rally support for anything - it's like having "human billboards" wearing and representing your story wherever they go - and I have personally seen many great things come from that!!

As you can see, setting up a campaign is super easy and our team is here to assist in each step of the way. The beauty of it all is that we take care of all back-end design, production and shipping of pledged gifts, so that you focus on your campaign, without any hassle! I look forward to your feedback and hopefully working with your amazing project.