Solidarity with our Soldiers - Summer 2014


Elad Shoshan resides in Tel Aviv and is the Owner and Co-Founder of the NOX Group, the largest entertainment, hospitality and nightlife company in Israel. The NOX Group manages and operates seven exclusive venues. Elad has been involved in several organizations aimed at cultivating innovation and leadership in Israel and the Jewish world. Elad has been active with JDC Entwine for the past year and participated in JDC Entwine's Inside Jewish Morocco trip for young professionals in May 2014. Currently, Elad is a project manager at the Rothschild Ambassadors program, a program that leads youth groups with formal lessons in classrooms on subjects such as social involvement, volunteerism and community service. Elad has been a member of the StandWithUs Israel Fellowship, a member of the Birthright EXCEL program, a member of the ROI Community and an award winning team leader at Project NOVA and Project Common Future.

Since the war started and my unit representatives told me to stay on alert, I decided to do something for my friends who were called into Gaza. I saw many posts and started to hear stories about the lack of equipment and food for reserve soldiers that thought they were coming for a week of reserve service and ended up staying for over 50 days.

Like everybody in Israel at the time, I felt a need to do something even when I had a drop in the people coming to my businesses. Due to the rockets fired at Tel Aviv a lot of people were afraid and didn't really know what to do. At first, I approached ROI to see if I could receive a Micro Grant to immediately assist the soldiers on the front line. I then mentioned to Yaniv Rivlin, a good friend of mine, that there was a possibility to receive an Eitanim micro grant to help buy personal hygiene items, socks, underwear, towels snacks, food, etc. for those in reserve duty. Simultaneously I started putting donations boxes in my venues in order to raise money from those who were there, and the response was amazing and overwhelming! People donated and felt the need to do everything in their power to help the soldiers fighting in the south. In one week, I raised more than 55,000 shekels (about 15,000 dollars) which was used to buy personal hygiene supply, socks, underwear, towels snacks and food, coffee kits, cigarettes, field portable phone chargers, flash lights etc. I'm happy to say that 8 different units received the supplies and more than 700 soldiers enjoyed them. I know that receiving the Eitanim micro grant at the beginning of the campaign was crucial in helping to relieve many problems the soldiers faced, and alongside the other donations I truly believe it made a strong and lasting impact on the soldiers. It was also amazing to see how I could use places like bars and night clubs as donating centers for soldiers to help the people I once served with.