A Fresh Baked Website for Challah Hub


Elina Tilipman is an international creative entrepreneur, with experience across many fields including music licensing, social media, content marketing, community building and more. When she isn’t in the kitchen baking, or on Instagram sharing drool worthy photos of challah, she’s helping to support the Jewish community on the east side of LA as the Assistant Director of the NuRoots Community Fellowship.

When we started Challah Hub, it was just an Instagram account. Sarah and I (my partner in challah) would bake fun and unique challahs, photograph them, and share them with fellow challah lovers. Cut to a year and some change later and we’ve created over twenty original challah recipes, and our modest Instagram following has grown to over 5,000 people. We’ve hosted challah tasting events all around Los Angeles, created fun merchandise like tote bags and towels – and we even collaborated with Uber Eats during Rosh Hashanah and allowed people all over the city to order challah to be delivered right to their door! The dream of opening our very own Challah Hub bakery was starting to become a reality.

There was only one problem.

Our website was “fine,” …and that’s being kind. It had our recipes, and a little information about us, but with all the love we were getting on social media, and as we’re trying to grow our brand, having a mediocre website was affecting our growth. We started getting press, and higher profile things started happening (yay Uber!), but that meant more people were googling us, and landing on a web page that did not accurately represent the business. I know how to create a basic website, but finding the time is really difficult – what takes me an hour, would take a proper web designer as little as fifteen minutes. We needed support.

With the Micro Grant from ROI we were able to give our website the little push it needed. We could clean up our recipe pages to make them easier to follow, add a way to start collecting email addresses for our mailing list, and get started on what will soon be an online store!

Most importantly, it allowed us to put our best face forward. They say dress for the job you want – and that’s exactly what this Micro Grant allowed us to do. The step from hobby to business is a big one, and this grant was the bridge we needed. It may seem small to some, but this support meant that we were able to spend more time on baking and connecting with the community – working on the ground and engaging with the world, instead of sitting at home, staring at a glowing screen with furrowed brows.

Our professional online appearance has attracted a number of great bloggers, who we have been able to collaborate with, further growing our brand awareness. Our recipe pages are easier to read, which means that more people are sharing them with their friends – being able to update our website helped our growth in so many ways.

Now, we’re able to look forward. We’re even checking out some commercial baking space to actually start selling our challahs! A Challah Hub bakery, can you imagine? Well, now we can. We’re dressing for the job we want, for the dream we have and thanks to this grant from ROI, we’re able to keep growing, and making those dreams a reality.

Click here to see the new Challah Hub website.