The Branding and Logo of Farmer Freed


By Emily Jane Freed, the Assistant Production Manager at Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo, Inc., as well as the owner of Farmer Freed, her culinary salt business. Thanks to the ROI Micro Grant Emily was able to create a brand and logo for her business.

I've always preferred savory to sweet and it might just have something to do with the fact that I didn't have a candy bar until I was 12 years old. My mom believed in natural foods like carob, sprouts, and organic fruits and vegetables. It should be no surprise then that I enjoy all things salty and for the past few years, I've been creating culinary salt blends using Kosher salt and organic herbs.  The salt blends can be used in two ways: add a pinch when cooking to bring out the flavor of your food or as a finishing salt when you sit down to enjoy a meal.  I've recently been working with a professional coach and a business adviser who have all helped me further my dream of getting the culinary salt blends into stores and onto dinner tables. Very early on in my farming career, I was nicknamed Farmer Freed and it therefore seemed like the obvious choice for the name of the culinary salt business.

Thanks to the ROI, Farmer Freed received a micro grant to work with Cheryl Isaacson of Lincoln Street Studios in order to create a brand and logo for the business. Cheryl and I first met in August and talked about the vision for Farmer Freed which are culinary salt blends featuring organic and seasonal ingredients from local farms. Since the salt blends are a high end culinary product and are purchased mostly by foodies, the Farmer Freed logo and label needed to reflect this price point. Cheryl came up with three initial logos and I chose one to move forward with. From there, she perfected the Farmer Freed logo, always referring back to her initial thought of creating a brand for Farmer Freed that looks like it has been around for the past forty years. We went through a few rounds of color comps with the logo and finally decided on black and white in order to keep Farmer Freed simple, recognizable, and easily identifiable. For those that live in the USA, think See's Candies with their signature black and white label.

In the first stage of the design process, Farmer Freed has received a family of logos which will be used in print and electronically, and a business card design Now that we have finished the the logo and branding stages, we will begin working the second stage which is the five labels for the culinary salt blends. In addition to the black and white label, each seasonal ingredient will be in color. I very am excited to begin working on the labels for the jars and I hope one day soon see these jars on grocery store shelves.

Thanks ROI for giving Farmer Freed a brand and a logo...just like putting a face to a name.