How I Infiltrated the 2015 ROI Summit


Hey guys! With all this buzz about applications and codes for the next ROI Summit I thought I should share this valuable piece of information: you can crash the ROI Summit. Really, I’ve done it! And I’m not talking about showing up for an all ROIers street party. Nor I’m talking about some crazy ideas I personally heard  -I’m not saying names- like applying for a Micro Grant and use the money to bribe the ROI staff in order to get re-invited. No! I’m saying that you can really experience the whole thing from beginning to end! Being a savvy young entrepreneur myself, let me share with you my top 5 tips. Again, I didn’t make up this data; I’ve tried it myself – and succeeded – just last year!

OK, so here it goes, my top 5 recommendations to crash the next ROI Summit.

  1. TIMING.
    They say that timing is everything, and it’s true. If you want to crash the ROI summit, you need to plan ahead and make sure you’re gonna be able to get there during the summit. It might seem like a no-brainer, but as many things in life, 80% of success is just being able to show up.
    This is a person that will be your golden ticket, your way in. Most likely this person will know you’re planning on getting there and she will help you. Again, plan wisely since you want to make sure your target is a legit ROI Summit guest. The tricky part is that you will probably need to target this person before she gets the ROI invitation. But no worries! If you’re in this journey I’m sure you already know how to spot a talented, committed and passionate young Jewish changemaker. Plus you can help her feel their best during the application time just to give her a little push ;) After all, your target is doing all the work – and you really don’t want to go over the application when you can have a safe path in.
    If you play your cards well, you can stay for the whole thing without making anyone questioning your presence. Seriously! I’m talking about hearing remarkable speakers, meeting outstanding people, growing your network, meeting Lynn and exploring new things. Plus we all know ROI Summit offers the most magnificent food for the body; not only for the brain! (we’ll get back to this in a moment). After all, among 150 plus people you will just be just a needle in a haystack! Just stay cool, join in and have fun. ROIers are friendly people and no one would think of such an uncomfortable question as “what the heck are you doing here?!”
    Try to keep your balance. It’s a very intense time and you don’t want to blurb in a late night “yeah, I totally crashed this place and this guy taught me how”. Not cool! Repeat after me: “don’t overdo it!” Good. Especially with food. Remember, we’re talking about 4 meals a day plus all the cafe hafuch and cookies you can have; meat, dairy, parve, vegan, lactose intolerant, eat-only-yellow-food, you name it! If you get too big you WILL get noticed and that would interfere with rule number 3 now, wouldn’t it?
    It can happen. It happened to me. My target was one of THOSE girls and she eventually got her turn under the spotlight. Everything was running smoothly until the last day when I was minding my own business, probably enjoying and ice cafe, and then I heard the dreaded phrase: “any volunteers?” and before I could spot her, not to mention stop her, my target was rising her hand and going on stage! In front of everyone! Here is a pic just to illustrate.
    I was like “this is it, people will know, she’ll say or do something and ruining everything”.  Honestly, there wasn’t any place to escape to and by that point with all that yummy food I wasn’t getting any smaller so... I prayed. Seriously! I’m Jewish after all, aren’t I? Don’t ask me if it was the Shemah, the Kol Nidrei – really, I should’ve said Birkat HaMazon after all that food! – but all I was thinking was “Please Lord, I got this far, don’t let anyone notice me. I bet the ROI police is as efficient and bright as the ROI staff and I won’t be able to outsmart them if I’m caught”. So, there. I said it. I prayed. And it worked! My target did her shtick and no one noticed me! (It probably helped that she brought her own conditioner and her hair looked really good that day.)

So there you have it, folks! ROI Summit 2016 is coming up soon. So if you don’t feel like filling out your application, you think your chances of getting in are smaller than getting a good seat in your synagogue for the High Holy Days or you’re just up for the adventure, try and infiltrate the ROI Summit. You don’t need to thank me. After all, us ROIers (because I call myself a proud ROIer now) help each other out. We’re a powerful network!

BTW, did you find me in the pic with my target? (I know you’re looking at the pic. And I know that if you weren’t looking before, you’re looking now!)... Hard to discover me, isn’t it? This is just to prove you how good I am!

Looking forward to hearing great crying-out-louds of joy from you, ROI Summit 2016 infiltrators!



(Yeah, that's me!)