SXSW Shareables!


Hannah Janal is a filmmaker and entrepreneur based out of New York City and Tel Aviv.

“Wearables” were all the rage at SXSW this year, but my biggest takeaway was the "shareables," people, places, parties, moments and mementos (read: swag) that came from pounding the pavement - solo and with the ROI Community. "Might you be interested in this [fill in the blank]?" was often heard around the ROI house. Rebecca and I raided the Equinox pop-up studio thanks to James Andrews, and attempted to crack the cronut craze. Liz Nord, Dafna Arad, and I found ourselves on a party bus to a tequila distillery and celebrating Dafi's total conquest of the free concerts (Kanye AND Gaga). I rocked with Terry Poison, too. And now they are set to make an appearance in my short film. My biggest coup was gaining access to the Indiegogo event where I got to rub elbows with the creator of some of their most lucrative and successful campaigns. For example, Misfit CEO Sonny Vu raised nearly a million dollars on the ROI-friendly site (and he even speaks Hebrew...for fun).

The knowledge gained there is helping me design and run the crowdfunding campaign for my thesis film WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU. And if that wasn’t enough, at the airport, I met Brian Reich, of little m media, who I hope will join future ROI events and with whom I hope to coordinate an Israel visit for a hip-hop mogul.
Another successful SXSW. Thanks ROI!