Pictures are Worth a Thousand Bites


Inbal Baum is the founder of Delicious Israel, a culinary experience company bringing you the tastiest of Israel.

It is a familiar challenge I face with running a business - I have very little visual savvy when it comes to creating a brand image. For this reason, I am always keen to reach out and get assistance to make sure that my brand identity is in the hands of professionals. In developing Koofsa and Delicious Israel in an age where food photographs can tell an entire story, I searched for a photographer that could help share that story.

I reached out to Hedai Offaime, a fellow ROI mate, whose weekly recipes and food stories are a regular part of my Haaretz weekend reading. The photos connected with his weekly column are exactly the style I was looking for to combine an artistic view of food, while telling a story through its nuances. He connected me with this talented photographer - Dan Perez.

Dan turned out not only to be talented, but one of the most down to earth people I have had the pleasure to work wtih. After explaining the details of Koofsa and how important it is for me to represent the beauty of Israeli food, he immediately connected with the concept and was able to conceive of the photo shoot.

For the photo shoot, we had planned out rough sketches of what to shoot, so I brought with me boxes of spices, grains, sauces, kitchen gadgets and anything colorful and interesting that may possibly enter into a Koofsa. The shoot itself was fun for me to understand the process and to watch an artist in action. Besides the products, we also did profile photos that I can use for this and future projects.

The first uses of Dan's images were on the Koofsa website, and for the Passover boxes we used the images for the "Koofsa Cards" that describe each product. The crisp, clean, creative photos were a huge hit and customers expressed their appreciation for a booklet of appetizing photos that they are happy to have in their kitchens.

An important lesson that I take away from this is the importance of planning and considering photography (and images in general) for a project. As good photography is quite pricey, the results can be maximized by finding the right person who understands the needs of the product.