Happy Computing Life


Inbal Freund-Novick is Director of Development for the Social Activism Unit at The Jewish Agency for Israel and co-founder of Unmasked Comics.

Did you ever feel that you are running after your own tail? That this constant race of email following email is just never ending? Well, I was there and felt like I was drowning. So I went to look for solutions, and thanks to the ROI Micro Grant I spent irreplaceable time with David Shalev of Shalevtek, and started getting tools and techniques to conquer that never-ending mountain of data flow. Shortly after making aliyah five years ago, David opened a consulting business based in Jerusalem. After 25 years of running and financing a company in the US, he ultimately decided that he could provide the most benefit to businesses, individuals, and not-for-profits by sharing the knowledge and experience he had gained running a large company for so many years.

David talks about the "Big Five"—the five essential ingredients for a happy computing life. They consist of the following; email management, contact management, task/project management, calendar management, and data/notes/file management.

His focus is on effectively using technology to maximize efficiency in a business environment. He claims that technology, rather than providing the path to the easy life often promoted by the industry, usually ends up overwhelming most of us with too much data to effectively manage. His practice involves reviewing how a business or not-for-profit uses their current technology tools, and then devising a workable approach to improve efficiency, as well as integrate all the "toys" being used, from smartphones to tablets. The key is ease of use, and ubiquitous access to information.

Very soon after we started working, my inbox became empty and I was able to manage incoming messages in a more efficient way. My data all over was in sync and I started feeling I have more control over the flow of endless information I need to handle. Thank you ROI for making this possible!