Book Layout Design for Date Your Donors


Jonah Halper is Author of Date your Donors: How to Attract and Engage a New Generation of Philanthropists.

Judge a Book by its design. It was during my ROI Summit experience in 2013 when I was inspired to write a book. The book was going to be about something I knew well; non profit fundraising and it’s title is Date Your Donors: How to Attract and Engage a New Generation of Philanthropists. While the book started as a "labor of love", it turned into a "labor of labor." I never realized how daunting it would be to immortalize my ideas and thoughts on to a page and feel confident that it was “good enough”. What I realized only recently was that the book needed to be digestible and entertaining to my intended audiences. It didn’t need to be “perfect”, because “perfect” was unattainable.

With this mind shift I decided that the presentation and layout would be more critical than using the perfect phrase or paragraph. I decided to invest time and energy researching a variety of fonts and layout designs from authors I respected, and learned to adapt some of their styles into my soon-to-be-released book.

In the end, it was ROI that inspired me to write the book, and then ROI was there again to help make sure the book would be attractive, compelling and easy to read for my intended audiences. A heartfelt thank you to the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation for inspiring me throughout the process.

Jonah Halper, MPA
Author, Date your Donors