Latin American ROIers Collaborate to Create Marketing Video


With the assistance of a Micro Grant, ROIers Dina Buchbinder and Jonathan D. Bouzali collaborated to create a marketing video for Dina's non-profit organization, Deportes para Compartir.

Dina Buchbinder and I met at the 2011 Latin American ROI gathering in Bueno Aires, Argentina. Dina shared with me her experience and knowledge from being Director for the organization Deportes para Compartir, which is part of the AMNU (Mexican Association for the United Nations).

I also shared with her and the other attendants my own experience of being the owner and General Producer of Kuter Production House, and that’s how Dina and I decided that it would be a good idea for us to work together and cooperate with the incredible cause that Deportes para Compartir leads.

Deportes Para Compartir specializes in helping Mexican children to achieve their goals of having a happier and healthier lifestyle by having a direct participation with any sport or social activity. The problem Deportes was facing was that as a non-profit organization, they didn't had the economic support in order to attract sponsors and to let kids know about their different programs.

In Kuter we make all types of publicity and audio/visual projects, including television and radio promos, as well as corporate and institutional videos.  So Dina and I were very excited to collaborate and make a video for Deportes para Compartir.

The same process was followed as with any other production we do.  First we had a pre-production meeting where the screenwriter, the creative department, Dina and myself gathered together to give any ideas we had for the video, and the production values we had. Afterwards, the screenwriter made a creative proposal that adhered to the purpose we were looking for. Then we contacted all the staff we required for the production (they all worked pro-bono) and as soon as we got a the “crewlist” ready, we started working on a timetable where the exact dates for each part of the project were established.

All the information was made by Kuter and shared with Deportes para Compartir in order to get their approval and continue with the next steps.

To help us with the planning of the production, we made a checklist and with it, we were close to beginning production. We had other meetings so we could explain our vision to the Animator. The making of the video took almost 2 months to be finished.  During that time, Dina and I were in constant communication with the post-producer (animator) so he would know which was the best way to go. The rounds of changes were very engaging because we decided to take better options just by watching the previews.  One example is that we had meetings where Dina and her team explained to us how the words we use to encourage young kids is different in each case, and it's because boys and girls need to feel why it is important to have a healthier lifestyle. The kids' personal environments are all different, so we needed to be very careful of the message we were sending out.

On the other hand, we had to make the video appealing for possible sponsors and donors.  We had to show them, in a small amount of time, all that Deportes para Compartir has to offer and the difference they make on young kids, helping them and creating an alternative to hard times within their environment.

As a result, we are proud to present you the final video for Deportes para Compartir which hopefully you will love and enjoy watching as much as we did making it.

Thank you again to ROI Community for all your support during this process, and we look forward to future project alongside ROI as well as Deportes para Compartir.