FI: A Successful and Intense Learning Experience


Karin Dimant-Rogovsky, an ROIer since 2007, is the founder of Brandtality INC, a branding and organisational consulting business in the U.S. and in Israel. Karin works with organisations and non-profits developing new or more efficient brands, redefining goals and staying focused on short-term objectives, while creating long-term strategy plans.

I received a Micro Grant to attend the Facilitation Intensive (FI), December 2013. I started Brandtality Inc. in 2007 to help organisations undergo a process to better understand their uniqueness in the marketplace, thus building a more efficient brand and understanding how to capitalise on it.

The truth is that I had no idea what to expect from FI. This was one of the most professional and relevant training programs I have ever attended. It was relevant, interesting and useful. The knowledge gained - including exercises in facilitating meetings/events, working with difficult people, managing people and their responses, public speaking and how to engage correctly - are just some of the amazing things we learned. This is useful for my own branding business, as I work with many organisations who have a difficult time doing all these things while focusing on their goals and objectives. I was able to add skills and knowledge in just four (intense) days. Yoni Gordis and Rae Ringel instill a tremendous amount of confidence in our abilities. It was clear how every minute of the training was thought through. The small, intimate network created was a major plus. I highly recommend it for anyone who works at an organisation, runs their own business, or is planning a large event.