Take an OpEd Project Workshop ASAP


Kate Forester is a fledgling blogger.

Have you ever wanted to speak up but didn’t know how to share your idea on the national stage? You should take an OpEd Project Workshop to clarify your voice and practice this skill.

As a community of entrepreneurs and social innovators, ROIers already have the tools to engage our peers to build businesses and social sector initiatives. Building on that foundation, the OpEd Project’s one-day workshop gave me the tools to share my ideas publicly.

During the workshop, each participant articulated her area of expertise and related topics. This allowed me to overcome my fear of not having the standing to share my opinion. I realized that I am indeed an expert in building social sector organizations because I have 19 years of experience in running non-profit programs, and after earning my MBA at Yale, I grew Repair the World from 2 to 36 employees. That gives me a basis to engage in conversations on start-ups, non-profits, and volunteering.

But some might argue that not everyone has an area of expertise from which to publish an opinion piece. Here’s the thing: personal experiences count too. For example, when my friend Melony realized that she was getting a subpar education growing up as an immigrant in Paterson, NJ, she wrote an OpEd. It was published in the New York Times. She then got into Cornell University. It took a lot of courage to speak from personal experience, but it paid off!

The OpEd Project was founded because women were submitting many fewer OpEds than men. In the last ten years, women have started submitted pieces at higher rates, but it’s yet not on par with population rates. Attending the workshop built a community of champions rooting for each other’s success, which was made possible for me by an ROI Micro Grant.