Eat to Travel and Travel to Eat


Laurina Todesaite is a foodie and an ROIer who not only can tell when somebody is lying (thanks to the Israel Voice analysis technology she represents in the Baltic states) but also is a founder of Eat & Travel - a project that seeks a perfect place to eat, combined with sightseeing. Laurina says that she can't be at work that keeps her away from traveling, or with men who don't let her eat. So lets Eat to Travel and Travel to Eat!

If you travel and like food, you always face the ultimate question of where and what to eat...If you are like us and don't compromise on a slice of cold pizza or world known fast food, such as (fill in the blank yourself)...then you are in the right place.

Eat & Travel started with the idea to advertise and promote Lithuania and Israel, two places that are totally different in every aspect, starting from climate and ending with culture. But similar with the Jewish history - the Northern Jerusalem then...and Jerusalem now.

Foodies know that Israel is a fusion of world kitchens, but you have to choose smartly. However, what do you eat in Lithuania?

Thanks to the ROI Micro Grant and combining the two things I love the most (to eat ant to travel), I started the internet project about food, places to eat, points of interest and the possibility to book my services as a guide in Lithuania and as a Hebrew speaking companion in Israel.

It took much longer than I thought to launch the internet page. Lots of ideas were born and killed while working and thinking...Thanks to the Micro Grant, not only was I able to develop the internet page, but while consulting about the new start-up I also found partners in Ukraine and Poland. So, the project that was supposed to be relatively small and offer the services of guides who know about food is becoming an international project for foodies. 

Then, participating in the Connection Point "Platforma," I was proudly presenting my new card of a traveling foodie.

Right now we are offering: private tours to Lithuania and Jewish Vilnius with a professional guide who is a foodie; tours and guidance in Odessa and Lvov; tips about where to eat in Israel; and if you don't have friends or relatives, we can accompany you, too. And coming soon, culinary Poland!

All foodies, let's travel to eat because you know that it's much better to taste once than to look at the menu a hundred times.

Did I mention that ROI foodies will get something extra when booked?