Several Doors of Possibilities


Leandro Galanternik works at the Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano as Director of Planning & Development and in CUJA—Keren Hayesod Argentina as its Dor Hemshej coordinator. He is the founder of Diun, Simulation of the Knesset.

For people who have had the great privilege of participating in an ROI Summit and that are part of ROI Community, it's easy to explain certain things that are almost impossible to explain to others.

I've been selected to participate for the first time at the Nahum Goldmann Fellowship from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, and I was able to go thanks to a Go Network Micro Grant.

I remember when I was getting to the hotel for the ROI Summit, I didn't know what to expect—I knew the schedule, the lecturers, and part of the ROI staff, but nothing else—and for sure, I was far from really knowing what was going to happen during those five days.

Something similar happened to me with this Fellowship, which was a very nice experience. We asked big questions: Why be Jewish? Is modernity good, bad or something else for us as Jews? How can we change our communities from within?

Amazing faculty inspired and guided us through debating these questions in a Jewish microcosm with 45 fellows from 19 different countries, these included: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, USA, Canada, Israel, South Africa, Czech Republic, Hungary, England, Russia, Ukraine, and France. It showed the broad and diverse range of Jewish thought, action, and future.

On a personal level, the network of people I met were strategic connections for the present and future. Some of them were very interested in the Simulation of the Knesset project and hopefully, thanks to this conference, other communities will be willing to replicate it. Regarding a long term impact, being part of the Memorial Foundation of Jewish Culture, as well as an ROI member, opens several doors of possibilities that are hard to measure.

The great balance between Jewish professionals and volunteers of different communities created a perfect environment and safe space to recharge batteries and move forward for the entire Jewish People, wherever we are!