The Latin American Power


Leandro Galanternik works at the Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano as Director of Planning and Development and in CUJA - Keren Hayesod Argentina as its Dor Hemshej coordinator. He is the founder of Diun, Simulation of the Knesset.

During Lazos I saw Latin Americans' enormous potential, first with the talents gathered there and then at the amazing Iguazú waterfalls.

This human potential is oriented to rebuild and strengthen small and large Jewish communities of the region. Sixty five talented young people from over 25 cities spent four days learning, creating, connecting, dancing, eating, drinking, and laughing together. Lazos means "ties," and I think it is the best name this Connection Point could have. I had the privilege of being one of them, thanks to ROI Community, through one of its Micro Grants.

This Connection Point was a starting point as well. Many alliances were built during this amazing event, and they will enrich Jewish lives in the region and beyond.

I applied for a Micro Grant because I wanted to be part of this synergy. The power I felt within the group can be only compared with the almost illogical amount of water that flows every microsecond through the Parana River creating the stunning effect of the Iguazú waterfalls.

Knowing that the Connection Point model has been replicated in 10 different places shows me, again, the great power of the youth to be agents of change for a better future for the Jewish people and our world.