Ore to Excellence: the CLIP


Lior Lapid is the founder and Executive Director of Ore to Excellence. He is also a fellow at the Schusterman Fellowship.

When I was 16 years old (a while ago), I started a small community-based project called Ore to Excellence (Hebrew: אור לחינוך), promoting striving for excellence and volunteerism among children and teenagers in the city of Ashdod, Israel.

11 years later, Ore is a registered non-profit organization in Israel with more than 2,000 alumni, working across Israel's social and geographic fringes.

As a social entrepreneur I was always struggling with an elevator pitch. How can I put so many people, so many ideas, so many values into a few seconds? How can I tell the story of the organization I lead without getting into details, without showing the students' faces, without going in-depth about our impact?

It really seemed impossible and my staff and I were struggling about the best way to present Ore to the "outside world." And then we decided to create a short animation clip, which could articulate our ideas and values and put it in a short, friendly and colorful 2-minute masterpiece.

It was an amazing process. The board of directors, the activity coordinators, some of our students and alumni collaborated and came up with the basic script and ideas. With the help of the amazing Tomer Gerbi (animator), Dan Ronen (script) and Yakir Cohen (narrator), we went through a 4-month (!!!) process which not only brought us an amazing final product, but really helped us focus, work together and strive toward a common goal - all made possible thanks to those amazing people and the Go Viral! ROI Micro Grant.

Now, I can not only tell you - but show you! I'm sure this short video will help us get more volunteers, donors and supporters and, as you can probably understand by now - work better as a team leading one of Israel's most influential educational non-profits.

Watch yourself! (Hebrew only at this point)