A Voice Said, Go Speak! And I Did. In Montreal. At LE MOOD!


Margot Madeson-Stern is a 2012 and 2013 ROIer, a business owner and a Principal at INCIT.ES consulting firm.

Thanks to ROI and my ‘Go Speak!’ Micro Grant, I could afford the opportunity to finance a business trip to 2 continents, 3 states, and 4 cities in just 7 days.

My invitation to LE MOOD as the trip catapult, I took advantage of my time abroad not only to gain valuable work experience as an international lecturer and business professional, but to also set multiple meetings in strategic cities around my conference invitation. Beginning in New York City, I met with the Jewish Federations of North America to hash out a partnership and social media communications strategy that would be put into effect the following week at the GA in Jerusalem. Next in Miami, I closed a four month long business deal with another ROIer. Not to mention, I got to spend an evening with my family. After all, there’s no messing with Jewish mothers, especially when you live so far away :) Post Miami, I was off to Montreal, where I was graciously hosted by friend and confidant, David Abitbol of Jewlicious and his family – by which another ROIer, the lovely Ms. Ayo Oppenheimer, was also staying. Upon my arrival to Montreal, I quickly dropped my bags and ate leftover cholent just in time to meet the LE MOOD crew to set up for the conference, which started the following morning! A grass roots and volunteer driven conference under the direction of ROIer, Mike Savatovsky, LE MOOD was truly a spectacle. What an incredible initiative, and what an honor it was to be a part of something so unique.

For my solo lecture, I presented in the back of a semi-truck gone lecture-hall! The brilliant use of space and transformation of a warehouse to a convention center was in itself worth the trip. Honestly, who would’ve thought speaking on the risk management process in business and comparing it to myself, Israel and rock climbing could go over so well in the back of a trailer - truly an amazing use of resources! Last but not least, I also had the pleasure of sitting on a second panel with even more ROIers, brothers Ido and Eyal Levit, where we spoke and answered a Q&A session on Queer Life in Jerusalem. All-in-all, my trip was a success, and two weeks later I’m still following up on leads and happenings from all those cities!

Thanks, ROI!