Jewish Community of Moldova: Going Digital in the Era of New Technologies and Global Networking


Mrs. Marina Lecarteva is the Director of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova since 2010. She also worked as the Deputy General Director of the Jewish Congress of Moldova in the period of 2006 – 2010. Before, she was the Director of Hillel in Chisinau and a Regional Coordinator of Hillel for Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Belorussia and Moldova. She used to work as a teacher of Jewish history and traditions at the Sunday school in the Israel Cultural Center and Jewish Lyceum “Rambam,” in Chisinau. Mrs. Lecarteva graduated the Faculty of Judaica of the State University of Moldova, the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Slavonic University of Moldova, studying also at the Jewish University in Jerusalem and the Open University of Israel.

Routes, Opportunities, Inspiration (ROI) improved the Information We Bring (IWeB). Last year I had the privilege to participate in a very meaningful event for Jews from all over the world, the ROI Summit. It helped me once again realize how important it is to speak out on behalf of my community, bring relevant and inspirational messages, and share them with my colleagues from all around the globe. Moreover, the increase in the anti-Semitism in Europe and anti-Israeli propaganda in many corners of the world made all of us think about what we could do better, what we could do in a different manner, and how we can make this world a better place to live in.

My community was motivated to learn how to use new ways of information dissemination and launched the project "IWeB" (Information We Bring). A project inspired by my ROI experience. The Jewish Community of Moldova determined as one of its main priorities to explore innovative opportunities of communication with its members/beneficiaries and cooperation with its partners in the era of WEB 2:0. We started with an upgraded and restructured web page, which was my dream since I have started working for the Community. The website’s content was translated into English, helping us to communicate with our colleagues and friends from different countries, telling them who we are and what we do.

The project “I WeB” helped me and the organization I lead to change our virtual business card. I was always convinced that we could do more to attract young people’s interests via E-media, and now we also have young visitors and followers online. We bring the information to the social networks, which are well connected with the new page. It is so relevant, as social networks are becoming the sources of information for many people, replacing newspapers and even TV.

Just starting the work, all of us felt very enthusiastic about the project. My colleagues and myself got much deeper in the essence of the IT miracles and digital era opportunities. The Jewish Community of Moldova will share its best with all its members, partners, and friends. I will be very glad to continue being a part of this process, bringing new technologies and new perspectives to my Community, and integrating it in the global virtual dialogue.