Jewish Identity Through Tourism


ROIer Paola is the founder of Judaic Tourism, great passion to transmit Jewish values ​​to Jewish travelers, inviting them to connect with their own roots and with local Jewish communities.

This Micro Grant allowed us to organize different activities with Plural Jai, inviting members of the community to get to know the organization, its ideas and mission while re-evaluating their Jewish identity. All this, through some tours to Jewish historical sites in the community of Argentina, organized by Judaic Tourism.

Judaic Tourism and Plural Jai are two very different organizations, and sometimes it was a challenge to create events that aligned with both of our organizations’ objectives. In the end, however, we succeeded in creating events that greatly benefited each of the participants. 

During the last few months, we have organized a series of tours where we definitely achieved the aim of bringing community members—through tourism—to experience their identities and commitment to Jewish community life in a different way.

The most significant event was a Jewish City Tour on bikes for young adults, celebrating the day of the arrival of the spring and Rosh Hashana in a fun way, where we journeyed to various sites that are important for the history and life of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires. We invite you to see the video of the activity here.

Everyone who participated told us they were very happy with the activities, and some of them have participated in more than one. Also, some of them now are collaborating on some projects as volunteers.

We are extremely pleased and grateful for the opportunity from ROI Community to support our idea and to accompany and motivate us to "connect and create" innovative events that strengthen Jewish identity.