Go Limmud NY and Round the World


Tal Grunspan is the founder and chair of Limmud TLV, the Tel-Avivian community which is part of the Limmud International network of communities around the world.

I applied for a Go Network! Micro Grant.
The Micro Grant I received from ROI allowed me to take part as a participant and a presenter in Limmud New York, and much more. These days I’m on a journey to explore different Limmuds around the world, experience them and learn what makes Limmud so special and how we can make a good Limmud community and experience in Tel Aviv.

Limmud New York was a great opportunity to do that, especially since New York and Tel Aviv have some very similar characteristics, such as being a cultural and business center and having a very diverse population. I enjoyed the conference itself very much, since it was well organized and had very diverse topics and presenters.

I met and networked with interesting and exciting people at the conference, including Senator Joe Lieberman, and many more great connections in my fields of interest and as future presenters and participants at Limmud TLV.
I took the opportunity of coming to the US before and after the Limmud NY Conference to meet with many people from different organizations and to extend my networks. I shared with them my passion and vision for Limmud TLV and started to create further cooperations. I visited San Francisco and Los Angeles and had several meetings there, as well as many meetings in New York City.

In the Limmud New York Conference and around the US, I’ve met volunteers from other Limmuds in the US and around the world. I took that opportunity to sit with them and learn from their personal experiences. I managed to coordinate ahead of time that on my way back from New York to Tel Aviv, I would stop for a few days to participate and present at Limoud France, also :-)

That was a great experience, and also very different one than Limmud NY. It was challenging to get along with the little French that I know, but I met wonderful people there and some of them have already became volunteers in Limmud TLV. It was quite an extraordinary round trip. Limmud New York was the center of it, and in the conference and around it I had many chances to meet, network and connect with people and organizations that are going to be very beneficial for my personal network and for the network of creating Limmud TLV.