Audio Adventures and Radio Training


Tamara Kramer is the founder and producer of Shtetl on the Shortwave—an edgy, music-filled radio show about Jewish arts and culture based in Montreal. Tamara focuses on people, stories and ideas that we don't often encounter in mainstream Jewish media.

I applied for a Micro Grant to improve my professional skills as a radio storyteller. Since having attended ROI two summers ago, I've interviewed a number of cool ROIers on my show including Ayo Oppenheimer, Ami Yares, Simja Dujov, David Abitbol, Benjamin Davies and a bunch more cool folks bringing their Jewishness to our world in unique, thoughtful and often funky ways. I'm a great interviewer but I really wanted and needed to work on my documentary skills. I wanted to learn how to tell stories better, how to edit, and how to interview. I've been doing radio for 10 years and this is the first time since I left journalism school that I—in fact ROI—gave me the gift of some much-needed professional development. I worked on a story about my mother. Sometimes the best stories are right in front of you all your life. The mentor who trained me with the help of my Micro Grant gave me feedback through the planning, interviewing, and post-production process. I genuinely feel more confident as a result of the training and I think I can bring cooler, better-told stories to my radio audience—whether it's for Shtetl or another show. Thank you for the support, ROI, and I hope you'll listen to Shtetl on the Shortwave at!