Being Educated While Being an Education Management (M.Ed) Student


Uri Levin always knew he was going to end up working in the field of education. But when he started his M.Ed in education management, he never knew how big this year was going to be.

Studying at a Master in Education program is a complicated thing. Well, at least for me. Looking at my choices in life I have to confess I usually go with the heart. I'm sure I've missed good jobs and a whole lot of money I could have made, but at the end of the day, I'm pretty happy with paths I take. Sometime in the spring of 2013, I was debating with myself what I wanted to do in the next 2-3 years. I loved my job, had a great apartment close to work, and altogether all was well. Then I thought, maybe it's time to go back to school.

Looking through the programs provided in Israel, I've found the Kibutzim Seminar College's M.Ed Education Management graduate program. This program brings veteran and new teachers together with young non-formal education coordinators like me to study and discuss what the next educators in Israel should look like. Throughout the year we've argued, laughed, toured through different projects and schools around the country and altogether enriched our knowledge about the education system in Israel.

Throughout the year I've rediscovered the great joy of education. I've met people who do this job not because they have to, but because they believe in it. They see the value of taking care of future generations. I've met teachers who are not surrendering to the pretty tough system we have in Israel, and take the challenge of education as something that needs to be done.

On a personal level, studying with this very special group (the college accepts only 35 people to the program each year) is a humbling experience. I'm one of the youngest in the program and not really a teacher. The experience of listening to the group and bringing my perspective somewhat as an "outsider" is always bringing me to the feeling that I have so much to learn. On the other hand, I did find my way of teaching the class some stuff they didn't know about. One professor even gave me a good chunk of one of his lessons to present them with the tools we can use through social media while educating our students.

At the end of the year, while preparing for exams, I was called to back to my military unit on reserve to join the "Protective Edge" operation in Gaza. I can write a whole book about this experience, but if I've found something very important that made me feel that I chose the right path, it was what happened in Israel in terms of racism and hate speech on the news and social media. While being in the operation on the one hand, and being exposed to what's going on in Israel on the other, I've found that there's much more work to be done and I'm so honored to be part of the amazing group for whom this job is on their shoulders: the teachers and educators.