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In these reflections, members share insights about cool conferences they’ve attended; events they’ve organized; courses in which they’ve participated; presentations they’ve given; business challenges they’ve surmounted; and more. Have a read and get inspired!

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ROI Women Changing the World

We are excited to celebrate the incredible women in our network who are devoting their time and talent to empowering other women! Here, we asked a few amazing ROIers to tell us a bit about themselves and their initiatives. This is just a sampling of the many individuals within our network who are devoted to blazing a trail of confidence, equality and dreaming big for generations of women to come. 

ROI Community

How to Write a Good Op-Ed: Tips from JPost's Op-Ed Editor

Recently, ROI Community members and fellow members of the Schusterman network gathered at the JPost headquarters in Jerusalem for a professional development workshop about best practices in writing op-eds. The session, co-led by Editor-In Chief, Yaakov Katz, and Op-Ed Editor, Seth Frantzman, was fun and informative! Below, catch up on some of the tips Seth provided to workshop attendees on how to make their thought pieces stand out.

Elissa Krycer

ROI Reflections: The road from, and back to, Saloniki

"I am Salonica," explained Rena Molcho to our group of 30 ROIers and Connection Point participants, eight talented Israelis well-known in the music industry (among them, Berry Sakharof, Ehud Banai and Shai Tzabari), and a team of ten educators from the Jerusalem Secular Yeshiva. Molcho is a historian. She led one of the tours and a Jewish history session during the ROI Thessoloniki Delegation in mid December, 2016. The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Molcho was one of the first Jewish children born in Thessaloniki, Greece (also known as Salonica), after WWII.

Sitewide Administrator

What ROIers Can Do About Aleppo

By now, we've probably all seen coverage of the atrocities in Syria all over our newsfeeds. Hopefully, we're left asking the question: what can I do? In light of recent discussions amongst ROIers, we wanted to compile some ideas for how we can all get involved. 

Sara Ivry

How Omri Marcus Uses Comedy as a Tool for Serious Change

We’ve done a lot to demonstrate how comedy can create social change: peace talks between Israeli and Palestinians comedians, a roast of the city of Jerusalem, a summit that brought together head writers of the world’s best satire shows to discuss how senses of humor differ across cultures. We broke the world record for the most international writers’ room, with 15 writers from 15 different countries writing a sketch together—which will hopefully be featured in the next season of Eretz Nehedert.