Micro Grants, Macro Impact

Grow professionally. Broaden your impact. Increase your Jewish involvement and knowledge. ROI Micro Grants are small grants that are designed to have macro impact! As an ROIer, you are eligible to apply for a yearly total of up to $2,000. Read on for details!

Micro Grants are designed to give you the keys to access opportunities that would otherwise be outside of your reach. Use these grants to increase your professional impact and effectiveness and further your Jewish learning and engagement.

Key Features

  • Easy application process!
  • No set "Application Period."
  • You can apply for up to $2,000 in Micro Grants per calendar year, provided that no single grant request exceeds $1,000 and your application for the current year's pool of funding is submitted by November 30 at the latest.
  • Quick response time.
  • Micro Grants are paid in the form of reimbursement, after the opportunity has taken place and upon the submission and approval of the Micro Grant final report.
  • Read our FAQs for more info and for details on what Micro Grants will and will not cover.

Micro Grant Process

  1. Learn. Learn about our three Micro Grant categories:
    • Professional development – e.g., attend a skill-building course or conference, receive training or coaching, partake in a speaking opportunity.
    • Organizational capacity building – e.g., gain professional assistance or services, engage in a process of strategic planning, conduct market research.
    • Jewish journey – e.g., attend Limmud or participate in Jewish learning classes.
    • See examples for each category and learn what Micro Grants do NOT cover in our FAQs.
  2. Apply. Apply for a Micro Grant in advance of the opportunity; retroactive requests will not be accepted. 
  3. Wait. Wait for ROI Community to contact you via email within approximately 10 business days to confirm the status of your application.
  4. Enjoy! If your Micro Grant application is approved, enjoy the experience.
  5. Report. Within 30 days of the conclusion of the project/opportunity, submit your report using the unique link you received in your Micro Grant approval email. In your report, you will be required to submit:
    • Receipts/Invoices totaling the amount of your Micro Grant;
    • Report. A written blog or video post describing: what the Micro Grant enabled you to do, how you or your project benefited from the grant, and any longer term impact it has had. For inspiration and best practices, check out our Micro Grant Blog Guidelines!
      *The blog may be posted for the public unless you specify otherwise. Read more.
  6. Payment. Receive your Micro Grant reimbursement via PayPal.
Questions? Visit our Micro Grant FAQs. If you can’t find the answer to your query online, contact the Micro Grants Team


Read some personal testimonies and search here for more Micro Grant reflections: 

It really seemed impossible and my staff and I were struggling about the best way to present Ore to the "outside world." And then we decided to create a short animation clip, which could articulate our ideas and values and put it in a short, friendly and colorful 2-minute masterpiece… We went through a 4-month (!!!) process which not only brought us an amazing final product, but really helped us focus, work together and strive toward a common goal - all made possible thanks to those amazing people and the ROI Micro Grant. Read more about the video clip Lior Lapid created with the help of his Micro Grant.

I was able to personally benefit by not only meeting with many new people with fascinating new ideas, but also to practice my public speaking and iterating on my other presentation skills. Furthermore, a few people have contacted me about helping them launch their company so it was a great vehicle for business development. Read more about Gregg Delman’s Micro Grant here.