The Process

Ready to dive in? Explore these six essential steps to creating a unique and meaningful TableMaker experience—from planning to implementation to follow-up.

Step 4 Place Your Order — Finalize the Event

You’re almost ready to host! But first, you’ll need to tie up the loose ends to make sure your Shabbat experience runs smoothly from start to finish. We recommend creating a detailed to-do list, arranging items by level of urgency and setting hard deadlines for accomplishing tasks.

Be sure that your checklist contains the steps below:

  • Get Acquainted:

    • Your TableMakers event will likely see a mix of old and new faces, so make sure to designate time for introductions, networking and breaking the ice.
  • Double Check:

    • That your attendees are confirmed—you may want to follow up with guests that have yet to RSVP or invite a few more potential guests if some can’t make it.
    • That the menu, venue, décor and program materials are ready to go:
      • Remember to add those finishing touches—the final decorations that will take your TableScapes to the next level.
      • Review your guests’ dietary restrictions and ensure that the menu options reflect their needs.
    • That you (and your facilitators) have all the necessary materials—any items essential to your planned Shabbat programming—to pull off a seamless event.
  • Address Final Details:

    • Create a “run of show” that delineates how far in advance you will need to arrive at the venue, when your guests will arrive, how you will break the ice, when dinner will be served and how you will wrap up the night.