The Process

Ready to dive in? Explore these six essential steps to creating a unique and meaningful TableMaker experience—from planning to implementation to follow-up.

Step 2 Prep Your Spread — Create an Event

With a theme in place, you can start developing the content that will drive your Shabbat experience. There are endless ways to make Shabbat programming insightful, meaningful and fun—for examples, check out these TableMaker stories.

Event Logistics and Production

  • TableSpace:

    • Seek out a unique locale. You might consider a lesser-known spot with the potential to intrigue your guests and spark their imaginations—like a venue with historical significance to your community or an off-the-beaten-path outdoor space. Be sure to secure a venue with the capacity you need to comfortably fit your guests.
    • Check out the distinctive TableSpace that inspired Leah’s TableMakers experience.
  • Logistics:

    • Now for the fun stuff! It’s time to make your event’s themes and conversation topics more tangible for your guests. How will the invitations, decorations or food choices support your big idea? Close your eyes and imagine what you want your guests to experience with their senses. Check out our inspiration photo boards for more ideas!
    • Think carefully about each step of production and who can lend a hand the night of the event. Check out our step-by-step production guide for assistance.
  • Meaningful Content

    • Above all, Shabbat is a Jewish ritual. As such, you may want to consider incorporating key elements of Shabbat practice into your event—whether it’s putting challah bread on the table, lighting Shabbat candles or reciting Shabbat blessings over wine. Check out our Shabbat 101 resources for ideas.
    • Consider the written materials, visual aids, person-to-person activities and conversation starters that support your idea and drive your message home. Invite a noted expert to speak, plan icebreakers for your guests and add sensory elements that bring your themes to life.
      • A recent TableMaker, who hosted her Friday night experience in an art gallery, tied the visual inspiration the venue provided with her main theme: the treatment of misplaced persons. To illuminate this powerful topic, she screened a relevant film, invited a musician to perform and displayed compelling photographs.