The Process

Ready to dive in? Explore these six essential steps to creating a unique and meaningful TableMaker experience—from planning to implementation to follow-up.

Step 3 Seat Your Guests — Invite Your Network

Now that you’ve established a framework and program, you will want to bring guests to the table.

  • Guest List:

    • How will you engage your peers and other leaders in your community? Will you bring anyone on as co-hosts? Call on friends to facilitate roundtable discussions and recruit other changemakers to attend?
    • When it comes to attendance, the sky’s the limit! Aim to assemble a diverse slate of friends, peers, colleagues and others who value community and meaningful dialogue. You can always count on more insightful conversation when you bring together guests from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Invitations:

    • Before you reach out to potential guests, consider your Shabbat experience from the perspective of your attendees. Will they be looking to join a larger community of peers? To one day transition from attendee to Shabbat host? Make sure that your invitations clearly reflect your event’s inherent purpose and value.
    • Send a visually appealing, informative invitation with plenty of time to spare! Check out our production strategy guide for more details about invitation timing and strategy.
    • For some extra inspiration, check out some sample invitations below.