The Process

Ready to dive in? Explore these six essential steps to creating a unique and meaningful TableMaker experience—from planning to implementation to follow-up.

Step 5 Serve Your Main Course — Host the Event

It’s go time! From greeting first arrivals to waving goodbye to those last, lingering guests, be sure to keep the following in mind as you enter the final countdown and kick off your event:

  • Be prepared:
    • Don’t forget those last minute items! It may be helpful to create a checklist of everything you want to bring with you to the event.
    • Be sure to arrive early at your chosen venue to oversee setup and make any final preparations. Coordinate closely with any vendors, partners and co-hosts so that everyone knows the event schedule and what time they should arrive.
  • Facilitate conversation:
    • Although you may know everyone in the room, chances are there are guests in attendance who don’t! To ensure that your guests are completely comfortable in the environment you’ve created, kick off your event with an interactive icebreaker activity.
    • From start to finish, make sure to work the room and play the role of attentive host. But know your limits—it’s okay to recruit friends or guests to help you!
  • Say goodbye:
    • All of your guests should leave feeling energized about the event and eager to continue the substantive conversations that were sparked by your programming. End the night on an uplifting or thought-provoking note:
      • Close with a powerful quote or poem and ask attendees to channel the inspiring words you’ve shared in their everyday lives and in their work.
      • Finish with a call to action—perhaps by requesting that guests write down how they will strive towards a shared goal.
      • Provide TableSwag that fits your theme.
    • As your guests trickle out, try to personally thank and say goodbye to as many of them as possible!