The Process

Ready to dive in? Explore these six essential steps to creating a unique and meaningful TableMaker experience—from planning to implementation to follow-up.

Step 1 Set Your Table — Get Started

Ready to set the table?

Step 1: Head to the drawing board. Brainstorm ideas for an exciting, meaningful Shabbat experience that is relevant to your interests.

When considering an event theme, think about the intersection between your interests, your talents and your values. What topics get you fired up? For what reasons do people come to you for help? What core principles drive you to take action? What message do you want to broadcast to your peers?

Step 2: Clarify your goals. With your idea in mind, consider how it can be showcased at your event. Your intent—whether it is to educate, to network or to give back to your community—will inform the planning process and shape your event’s content, atmosphere and outcomes.

Step 3: Make it happen. Start outlining specifics and laying out the logistics that will bring your idea to life. What type of venue are you envisioning? How many people should be in attendance? What kind of content supports your message and has the potential to positively shape your guests’ experience? How will you make your event unique, while also infusing Shabbat tradition?