Currently, we are not accepting micro grants applications. Over the next few weeks, the REALITY team will be reviewing this program and announcing new details about the application process in 2019. We appreciate your patience. In the interim, if you have any questions please email Caroline Friedman.

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Want to take things to the next level and create a Friday night experience that provokes dialogue, inspires action and encourages engagement with Shabbat on a larger scale? Dream big and set the table for your peers by applying for a TableMakers micro grant!

Wait! Haven’t explored the rest of our TableMakers toolkit yet? Explore our expert Shabbat tips, tricks and resources before checking your funding eligibility.

Who should apply for a TableMakers micro grant?

  • REALITY alumni looking to create a unique, grassroots Shabbat dinner experience for a group of their peers.
    • Please note: members of the ROI Community interested in hosting a large-scale Shabbat event should apply for a Grassroots Initiative grant instead.
  • Individuals outside of the Schusterman network or Schusterman network members interested in hosting a smaller scale Friday night dinner in one’s home, on a roof, or in a park, OneTable’s got you covered. Visit our partners at OneTable if you live in the US, are post college/pre family and are looking for a unique and one of a kind Friday night dinner experience.

What types of experiences are eligible?

Micro grants will be distributed to those creating experiences that meet the following 4 criteria:

  • Seat at least 40 young adult dinner guests. There is no upper limit to how many guests can attend!
  • Take place at large-scale events or unique locales:
    • For example, an event in LA might take place at a new and hip event space on Venice Beach — perhaps one of the country’s many scenic beaches — or a Shabbat dinner that takes place during the hustle of the Sundance Film Festival could be hosted in a charming home in the snowy mountains.
    • More examples can be found on our past events page and our photo inspiration boards.
  • Provide thoughtful programming and meaningful content rooted in Schusterman values, which include a commitment to:
    • A connected, global Jewish community;
    • Service and tikkun olam;
    • Communities rooted in inclusion, equality and diversity; and
    • Building understanding of and positive connections to Israel.
  • Occur on Friday night.

How many TableMakers micro grants can I apply for?

  • Potential TableMakers must submit one application per TableMakers micro grant requested.
  • Please note: TableMakers micro grants do not fund existing Shabbat programming or organizations focused on Shabbat engagement. If an individual connected to an organization applies to create an event on their own time and with their own resources, their application will be reviewed.
  • Participants of Schusterman immersive programs (ROI Community, REALITY or a Connection Point) are eligible to receive a total of up to 3 Grassroots Initiative and/or TableMakers micro grants per calendar year.

How will TableMakers applications be evaluated?

TableMakers micro grant applications will be evaluated, and funding will be awarded, based on the scale and scope of the proposed events based on the eligibility criteria above. All applications should address the following four points:

  • Vision: Potential TableMakers should demonstrate awareness of where their event fits into their local community or a larger gathering; clearly pinpoint the characteristics that make their events creative and unique; and make a strong case on behalf of their overarching plan.
  • Schusterman Values: Each TableMakers application should address how the proposed Shabbat experience will provide meaningful content that strengthens Jewish community and reflects the values of Schusterman Philanthropies.
  • Community Engagement: All TableMakers events should engage other young leaders and changemakers committed to creating community and participating in meaningful dialogue in both the implementation/planning process and in attendance. Event host(s) should emphasize including young adults from their broader network.
  • Implementation: Each application should present a well-organized concept, the beginnings of a clear execution strategy and a reasonable budget framework.

How does TableMakers funding work? What does the payment process look like?

  • All applicants need to submit a detailed budget for each proposed event.
  • Once an event is approved for development, awarded funding will correlate to event specifics, including planned programming and number of attendees. Though TableMakers receive an average of $30 per guest, they are eligible for funding of up to $50 per guest for larger-scale events. All funding requirements are subject to change.
  • The amount paid to the host when an event concludes will be based on actual expenses incurred and receipts, contracts and invoices submitted. All payments will be made via PayPal.

What am I responsible for at my Shabbat dinner event?

Before events, TableMakers are asked to:

  • Provide a detailed budget that shows all anticipated expenses and any additional funding you will receive from co-sponsors and partners.
  • Accept your grant by reviewing and submitting the terms of grant as soon as possible.
  • Feature the Schusterman logo and language on relevant promotional materials to adequately denote event sponsorship. This logo and language will be provided to the TableMaker host directly.

During events, TableMakers are asked to:

  • Promote the TableMakers initiative to dinner guests, as well as the TableMakers micro grant process for those interested in hosting their own dynamic, innovative Shabbat experience.
  • Let Schusterman know in advance when photographers or particular social media hashtags are used. These are not event requirements—we know that Friday night experiences look different for everyone!

After events, TableMakers are asked to:

  • Submit an electronic final report form, accessible immediately following the event or program, to analyze each event’s performance, which will include:
    • Sharing event photos (if photography was used). We may post them on our inspiration photo boards!
    • Sending any materials that were distributed during an event. We want potential TableMakers to benefit from your expertise and experience! Once your dinner concludes, we may share your materials as interesting and relevant resources for new hosts
  • Share information about your REALITY trip experience and how you’re connected to Schusterman Family Philanthropies.

The Schusterman team reserves the right to forfeit grants if reports are not submitted by their deadlines