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Pursuing More Just and Inclusive societies


At Schusterman Family Philanthropies, we strive for a future in which the United States and Israel live up to their highest ideals. Guided by our values, we listen to, invest in, and connect leaders and organizations to pursue long-term solutions to pressing issues and systemic challenges. 


of supporting partners to pursue justice, repair the world, and treat all people with dignity and respect.


In the United States, our work is focused in six core portfolio areas that seek to advance racial, gender and economic equity and to strengthen Jewish communities.

Funding in Israel

Through Schusterman Family Philanthropies – Israel, we work to strengthen Israel as a secure homeland for the Jewish people, a thriving democracy and an inclusive society.

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Quote from Stacy Schusterman

Our Jewish values have always been—and will always be—at the core of our family’s philanthropy: a commitment to the pursuit of justice, repairing the world, and treating all people with dignity and civility.
Chair, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies


How Jewish Organizations are Showing Up for Women’s Rights and Safety

Amid increasing threats to women’s rights and freedoms, Jewish organizations are at the forefront of advancing women’s rights within Jewish communities and throughout the United States. The groups’ efforts range from advocating for abortion access to supporting survivors of domestic violence, to encouraging safe, respectful and equitable Jewish workplaces and communal spaces.

Terah Lawyer: Paving The Way for Successful Reentry After Incarceration

As Executive Director of CROP (Creating Restorative Opportunities and Programs), Terah Lawyer draws from her lived experience to support rehabilitation and reentry for people leaving incarceration. This interview explores Terah’s journey from incarceration to criminal justice leadership and her insights on building a more empowering and successful system.

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Anathea Chino: Increasing Native Representation in Political Leadership

Anathea Chino is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Advance Native Political Leadership, which works to build a ​​complete ecosystem approach to political power building in Native communities. Here, Anathea talks about the pivotal moment that led her to launch Advance, reflects on getting more Native leaders elected to public office, and shares how her identity as a queer Acoma Pueblo woman intersects with these efforts.

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Wesley Hamilton: Empowering and Celebrating People with Disabilities

Wesley Hamilton, a member of Schusterman’s REALITY alumni community, is on a mission to foster a mindset of courage, competence and confidence in every individual with a disability. This interview explores Wesley’s journey to becoming an advocate for disability justice and his reflections on how all leaders working toward social change can incorporate disability justice into their work.

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7 Competencies for Effective Leadership


7 Competencies for Effective Leadership

Since launching in 2015, the Schusterman Fellowship, our leadership development program for Jewish leaders, has identified seven common competencies that have helped Schusterman Fellows strengthen their capacity to successfully lead their organizations and communities—regardless of their unique skills, challenges and backgrounds. 

We believe leaders across all sectors can benefit from these competencies to drive meaningful and lasting change. Our latest guide includes:

  • Comprehensive overviews of each competency;
  • Personal reflections from leaders who practice these competencies in their lives and work; and
  • Exercises to help leaders begin practicing these competencies today.


Signature Initiatives

We operate three programs that connect high-potential leaders and Jewish professionals to resources, experiences and opportunities that support them in creating change.

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Schusterman Fellowship

Building a robust, diverse, and talented pipeline of exceptional Jewish leaders who are driving change in their organizations, the Jewish community, and beyond.

REALITY program participants explore Israel on a journey.


Bringing a diverse community of influential leaders on a formative learning journey to Israel to build their understanding of Israeli society and deepen their ability to lead on complex issues.

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ROI Community

Creating a global network of rising Jewish leaders who are transforming Jewish life and fostering positive social change in Israel, the U.S. and global Jewry.