In 1987, Charles and Lynn Schusterman began a philanthropic journey to help ensure a vibrant future for the Jewish people, the State of Israel and their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At the heart of their philanthropy was a deep commitment to providing young people with the knowledge, self-confidence and experiences they need to better their lives and, in turn, become leaders in their communities.

They drew their inspiration from the Talmudic story of Honi the Circlemaker, who said, “Just as my parents planted for me, so I will plant for my children.” These words define our guiding philosophy: working today to build a better tomorrow.

While we have grown to accommodate new challenges and opportunities over the years, we remain as we started: a foundation committed to acting on the Jewish imperative of justice (tzedek) and repairing the world (tikkun olam) to strengthen the communities and people we serve.

Today, guided by the vision of our Chair Stacy Schusterman, we are a multi-office, global organization that is building on our legacy as we invest in efforts to improve lives, strengthen communities and advance equity.

We are proud of the people and organizations we support that are working to repair and rebuild our world. They champion diversity, equity and inclusion. They seek greater educational opportunities for all young people. They are proud advocates for Israel and the Jewish people. And they work to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable among us, especially children.

Like them, our ambitions are large and continue to evolve, as we adapt to deliver the greatest impact in our core focus areas: improving public education in the United States, strengthening the Jewish people and Israel, and addressing the needs of marginalized individuals and communities, including in our hometown of Tulsa, OK.

We pursue our mission guided by a belief that tomorrow can be better than today and committed to inspiring progress through big ideas, bold action and hard work.

Our story is the story of the Schusterman’s philanthropic vision and values brought to life. It is the story of the incredibly talented, committed individuals and organizations that inspire us every day and with whom we work in partnership and on the ground to transform lives, touch hearts and strengthen communities. It is the story of an organization shaped by the vision of day one and by the experiences of every day thereafter.

For more, read A Most Notable Life, a report in honor of our late founder, Charles, and our 20th Anniversary Report, Celebrating 20 Years of Values in Action.