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We believe that by investing in the education reform movement and its leaders, we can do our part to better prepare today’s learners to be tomorrow’s qualified workforce and engaged citizens.

We strive to impact student learning by helping to provide teachers and school leaders with high-quality training, outstanding instructional resources and more effective preparation. We invite you to explore our focus areas below. 

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We aim to dramatically increase the number of students, especially students from low-income communities, who graduate high school prepared for college and the workplace.
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We have the privilege to support and learn from some of the most transformative organizations in the education sector. Learn more about our grantees and the critical work that they lead. 

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We are extremely fortunate to have a talented team of high-quality professionals who share a passion for our mission and our dedication to excellence. Finding, training and empowering our team is a process we take seriously. Meet the people who make our work possible.

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National Education: News and Updates

Meet Amara Humphry, Social Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Education's Latest Innovation

Being named a finalist in Forbes’ Under 30 $1 Million Change-the-World Competition—and winning the $100,000 that comes with it—is no small feat. But then, Amara Humphry, a 27-year old engineer who graduated from Stanford with a degree in product design, is no small dreamer.

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