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Funding in the U.S.

We work to address barriers in America that prevent individuals and communities from realizing their true potential.

Advancing racial, gender and economic equity

When resources and opportunities are truly equitable, individuals, communities and economies can flourish. We see access to good jobs, a quality education, economic and reproductive freedom, government representation, and as well as ending mass incarceration, as key to achieving a more equal and just society.

To address these barriers, we invest in several portfolios through which we aim to advance racial, gender and economic equity in the United States. These portfolios include Criminal Justice, Democracy and Voting Rights, Education, Gender and Reproductive Equity, and the Schusterman family’s hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Quote from Stacy Schusterman

We need to examine all the ways systems in this country have been built to protect power and privilege for some at the expense of others. And we have a responsibility to listen to people’s stories, to learn their histories and to see their experiences and perspectives in a way that challenges our own understanding of the world.
Chair, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies

Shaping joyful Jewish communities

For more than three decades, we have invested in Jewish communities, work that is rooted in our founders’ commitment to the Jewish values of pursuing justice, repairing the world and treating all people with dignity and respect. Through our U.S. Jewish portfolio, we seek to empower people to draw on these Jewish values to shape joyful, inclusive communities; deepen their understanding of and connection to Israel; and contribute to a better world.

Quote from Lynn Schusterman

A Jewish community that is diverse and openly embraces all who seek to lead actively Jewish lives will be a Jewish community that is stronger and more enduring for generations to come.”
Founder and Chair Emerita, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies

Making it possible

Across all our U.S. portfolios, we use various tools to drive systemic change, including funding both charitable and advocacy activities and investing in individual leaders. We embrace ongoing learning, long-term investment and support for a range of dedicated partners committed to pursuing a more just and equitable country.

Our U.S. Portfolios

Pursuing justice, repairing the world and ensuring dignity and respect for all people have long been at the heart of what we do. Our portfolios reflect our commitment to these guiding principles and address some of the biggest barriers to equity in the U.S.

A woman speaking into a megaphone

Criminal Justice

We work to end mass incarceration and repair the harm caused by our criminal legal system.

People holding Free and Fair Election signs

Democracy and Voting Rights

We believe full participation in a representative democracy is key to a more equitable and inclusive society.

Two students smiling in the classroom.


We envision a future where every student, and especially students of color, has access to a high-quality K-12 public education.

Gender and Reproductive Equity

We believe reproductive freedom and political and economic power are key to all women being able to define their futures.

A woman speaking into a megaphone

Hometown of Tulsa

We support efforts to help youth and families overcome the effects of systemic social, racial and economic inequality to achieve their full potential.

Jewish Community

We support efforts to build a joyful and inclusive Jewish community connected to Israel and committed to making the world a better place.

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