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Funding in Israel

We work to strengthen Israel as a secure homeland for the Jewish people, a thriving democracy and an inclusive society that cares for its most vulnerable.

ילדה קטנה עם דגל ישראל

Our Vision

Since our organization’s earliest days, we have devoted substantial resources to strengthening and supporting Israel as a secure homeland for the Jewish people, as a thriving democracy and as an important ally of the United States. 

Our work in Israel is rooted in a proud embrace of the vision of Zionism embedded in Israel’s founding Declaration of Independence. It recognizes the Jewish people’s right to self-determination and to a safe, secure state, and it prioritizes equal rights for all of Israel’s diverse citizens. 

Today our team in Israel is working to strengthen the fabric of Israeli society and create pathways for its diverse communities to live, work and thrive together.

Quote from Stacy Schusterman

A strong connection to Israel has always been at the core of my Jewish identity. For me, Israel represents the renewal and safeguarding of the Jewish people and our future. Israel continues to contribute so much to the world and is a strategic and vital ally of the United States.
Chair, Schusterman Family Philanthropies

Our Focus Areas

We are proud to support a range of organizations and projects working to ensure Israel lives up to its highest ideals. We target our funding in several key areas through which we believe we can make a significant impact, including strengthening social services for underserved communities, fostering a shared society and supporting public policy.

Our grantees work with the many communities that comprise Israel’s diverse society, as we see their well-being and success as inextricably linked and as essential for ensuring a strong future for Israel. While our work is primarily focused within Israel, it is also rooted in our hopes and aspirations for peace in the region. We work toward a future in which all people can live safely and access opportunities to provide better lives for their families and future generations.

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Social Affairs

We invest in organizations working with and improving the well-being of underserved populations and ensuring Israel has a robust infrastructure for providing social services across its diverse communities. Our work is particularly focused on promoting child and family safety by addressing the cycle and root causes of child abuse and neglect, gender-based violence and prostitution. We also invest in efforts that support aging Holocaust survivors and Israel’s LGBTQ+ community. (Photo Credit: Reut Guy)

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Inclusive Society

We fund and seek to scale innovative work that is building pathways for diverse communities in Israel to live, work and thrive together. In particular, we work with both the Haredi and Arab communities, seeking to support initiatives that strengthen education, training and employment opportunities, as well as foster greater socioeconomic development. (Photo Credit: Maase)

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Public Policy and Emergency Relief

We partner with leading think tanks to support research and policy work focused on advancing national security, regional stability, peace and prosperity efforts that build on the recent Abraham Accords. Even as we recognize it may be difficult to achieve in the near term, we work toward a future in which Israelis and Palestinians will live in peace. We also support organizations that are committed to ensuring Israel remains a safe, Jewish and democratic country.

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Beyond our strategic areas of investment, we strive to help when emergency situations arise. Throughout COVID-19, we have funded projects and emergency programs to care for children, families and communities most affected by the pandemic. We supported Israel’s field hospital in Ukraine that provided medical care to people impacted by the war. We also have supported efforts to address the physical and mental health needs of Israelis living in the Gaza envelope communities during times of conflict. (Photo: Sivan Shachor Anaba, GPO)

Our Work in the U.S.

In addition to our work within Israel, our U.S. Jewish Community portfolio invests in Israel education and engagement, designed to help people in the U.S. and internationally learn about, connect with and understand Israel beyond the headlines. We also invest broadly in efforts to combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and to advance a constructive, bipartisan relationship between the U.S. and Israel.