10 Must-Read Books by Inspiring Authors

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  • Team Schusterman

November 1, 2018


We are proud that our network is full of talented authors, and are thrilled to highlight books published this past year by authors in our REALITY alumni community.

You'll find an author who unpacks the fortunes behind three of the most influential artists in hip-hop history, another who looks for G-d at Burning Man, and one who dropped out of one of the most exclusive academic programs in the country to live out his dreams in the NFL. Their books range from self-help to cooking to humor, and each will change the way you think about your life and the world around you.

You will definitely want to add some of these books to your bookshelf! Check out our list:

Radha Agrawal

Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life

If there's an far-fetched idea, Radha Agrawal will act on it. And make it amazing. And popular. Among a whole slew of ventures, she's the Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker, an early morning dance and wellness movement, and the Co-Founder of THINX, an underwear solution for women to wear during their period. Radha's all about following your dreams—and her book will guide you to do the same, all while building community and creating a space where every person can belong. Learn more about Radha and her latest book here.

Alex Banayan

The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World's Most Successful People Launched Their Careers

Named one of Forbes' “30 Under 30”, Alex Banayan doesn't get his career advice sitting down—he chases it through grocery stores, pursues it in billionaire shareholder meetings and hunts for it in nightclubs. Join Alex on a journey that started in a college dorm room and ended in tracking down some of the world's most successful people, from Lady Gaga to Bill Gates to Jane Goodall. You'll learn all about their secret entrance to high power success—the Third Door. Learn more about Alex and his latest book here

Anna David

The Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery

Along with her co-authors, Honoree Corder and Joe Polish, Anna David shares this guide to using mornings as an essential time to develop habits that fight addiction. A renown scholar and speaker on spirituality and addiction recovery, David's latest book is sure to shift the opportunity we tap into in the mornings. Learn more about Anna and her latest book here.

Anajli Kumar

Stalking God: My Unorthodox Search for Something to Believe In

Anjali worked a a lawyer for Google, but even the all-knowing tech giant couldn't give her the answer to her search for G-d. Now, she serves as Chief People Officer and General Counsel at Cheddar tv. Read about her fabulous journey and quest for spirituality that brought her to Burning Man, Peru and a whole host of adventures. Learn more about Anjali and her latest book here.

Mike Masserman

Chasing the Sun

Three brothers, Mike, Oren and Tal Masserman wrote this children’s story of a turtle in search of the sun after it sets, and the island discoveries he makes along the way. By day, Mike serves as Head of Global Policy and Social Impact at Lyft. Learn more about Mike and his latest book here.

Jodi Moreno

More With Less: Whole Food Cooking Made Irresistibly Simple

Jordi Moreno is more than just an amazing cook—she's a healer. She creates dishes that are dangerously indulgent and seriously healthy. Her cookbook will show you how food can become your new delicious medicine. Learn more about Jodi and her latest book here.

Zack O'Malley Greenburg

3 Kings: Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and Hip Hops Multibillion Dollar Rise

Zach O'Malley Greenburg is senior editor of media and entertainment for Forbes, and has covered artists ranging from Kendrick Lamar to Katy Perry. His work has been featured in Billboard, Sports Illustrated, Washington Post and more. Read this book to learn how three hip-hop heroes made their fortunes. Learn more about Zach and his latest book here.

Courtney Reum

Shortcut Your Startup: Speed Up Success with Unconventional Advice From the Trenches

Brothers make trouble, but they can also craft excellent advice. Courtney Reum and his brother Carter Reum share their tricks for startups based on lessons they learned from their years of investing for Goldman Sachs. New to the game of business? Already an accomplished entrepreneur? Doesn't matter. There's advice for every step of your process, all packed into this neat, personable book. Learn more about Courtney and his latest book here.

Daron Roberts

Call an Audible: Let My Pivot from Harvard Law to NFL Coach Inspire Your Transition​

Daron Roberts was just months away from earning his Harvard Law School degree, with the promise of a successful career ahead. Then, he dropped everything, moved across the country and became an NFL Football Coach. Daron's story is more than just an inspiring read: it's a guide for following your dreams and doing what's right for you. Learn more about Daron and his latest book here.

Jonah Sachs

Unsafe Thinking: How to be Nimble & Bold When You Need it Most

Jonah Sachs is bringing intimacy and personal connection into the world of tech. A dynamic storyteller and speaker, Jonah has presented his ideas to audiences at Salesforce, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Pepsi and more. His latest book explores the path to breakthroughs — the essential recipes to the successes of trailblazers such as a two-time NBA championship coach and a Nobel Prize winning doctor. This book won't only change how you work — it will change how you think. Learn more about Jonah and his latest book here.

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