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November 4, 2015

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Mary Ann Weiss recently joined the Schusterman DC office as a Program Associate. Get to know her below!

1. Tell us what excites you most about your new position with the Foundation.

What excites me most about the position is the collaborative element of the work. I not only get to work alongside an incredibly talented team of colleagues but also with impactful community partners. Together, we are working to empower and shape the next generation of leaders, creating positive change for local communities and the broader world!

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2. What key lessons from your past experience do you plan to apply to your new role?

Over the past four years I have lived in three different countries, working in challenging, exciting and fast-paced environments. Those experiences taught me to be highly adaptable, remain flexible and keep a sense of humor about things; skills that come in handy in the dynamic world of philanthropy.

3. What is the best piece of personal or professional advice you have ever received?

My mother and grandmother are my strongest role models and they have shared essential advice over the years. My favorite piece of advice from my mom is to stay curious, seek out learning opportunities and always keep an open mind and heart.

4. Where can you be found on a day off?

I recently moved to DC so on most days off you can find me exploring the city’s neighborhoods to get acquainted with my new home. Since it’s harvest season, you might also find me visiting farmer’s markets and purchasing way more root vegetables than I know what to do with (parsnips are my favorite). And finally you can also probably find me either riding my bicycle, practicing yoga or searching for nearby hills to climb.

5. What's New York's best kept secret? What's the best podcast we're not already listening to?

New York’s best kept secret is the swing set closest to the 86th street entrance of Great Lawn in Central Park. It’s where I’ve done some of my best thinking and problem solving.

Currently, my favorite podcast, which everyone should listen to, is Slate’s DoubleX gabfest. Double X is part of Slate’s panoply network but it gets unfairly overshadowed by some of the bigger players like Political and Culture gabfest. However, it is fantastic. The hosts, Hana Rosin, Noreen Malone and June Thomas, write for various publications, and each one is sharp, funny, inspiring and insightful. I really enjoy hearing their take on politics, culture and current events, and they give spot on book and music recommendations.

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