5 Questions with...Sarah Glickstein!

  • Team Schusterman

December 16, 2015

Sarah Glickstein recently joined the Schusterman DC office as a Program Assistant. Read her bio and get to know her below!

1. Tell us what excites you most about your new position with the Foundation.

I am most excited to work with powerful organizations that are committed to empowering the next generation of Jewish leaders. Through my previous work with Challah for Hunger and attendance at the most recent Gesher Conference, I was able to see the special and unique relationship that Schusterman has with grantee organizations. I am eager to continue to foster these connections on a team that has such a far reaching global impact.

2. What key lessons from your past experience do you plan to apply to your new role?

I have always enjoyed learning, and am constantly seeking out opportunities to expand my knowledge and ask questions. I am also committed to having an open mind and embracing flexibility. As a Program Assistant this will be especially important, as this is a new position for the Foundation just as much as it is for me.

3. What the best piece of personal or professional advice you have ever received?

“Find your mentors and your gatekeepers.” I began connecting with mentors in my teenage years, keeping in touch with teachers and youth group advisors beyond high school. In college, this language started shifting to include gatekeepers—those people, mentors included, who will open doors and help me find opportunities for success. I truly value those who have been mentors and gatekeepers in my life thus far, and I know that I will continue to foster these relationships within the Schusterman network.

4. Where can you be found on a day off?

On multiple days off in a row you may not be able to find me! I love traveling and exploring and am always up for new adventures. On a typical, less adventurous one day off you can find me curled up under a blanket (regardless of the weather) either watching mindless television or solving puzzles in the newspaper.

5. As a Challah for Hunger alum, we expect that you have expert baking skills! What's your favorite flavor of challah and do you have any baking tips for the rest of us?

I have to separate “favorite” into favorite savory and favorite sweet. Favorite savory is definitely garlic parmesan. It is delicious fresh and makes the best croutons/garlic bread later. Favorite sweet is classic chocolate chip. Spread some peanut butter on there and you have an amazing dessert (or breakfast if you are feeling bold). As far as challah-baking tips, my best piece of advice would be to never bake alone. Challah baking is always more fun with a group!