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  • Abby Saloma

June 15, 2020

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Since January, we have experienced a global pandemic, grappled with generation-defining economic crises and witnessed unconscionable acts of violence toward Black Americans that have made evident anti-Black racism and systemic inequities that have gone unaddressed in communities around the world.

To navigate through this moment toward a more just and equitable future, we need courageous, authentic, values-driven leaders who serve with empathy, clarity of purpose and in collaboration with those who share their vision.

That is why we are proud to announce our newest cohort of Schusterman Fellows.

These 27 leaders are committed to driving change in their organizations and communities across the globe. From advocating for the rights of refugees to organizing diverse Jewish communities around a commitment to equity and justice, these Fellows are putting Jewish values into action and rising to meet the unprecedented challenges before us. 

This cohort brings a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, individual strengths and lived histories. We know these lenses, when honored and engaged in courageous conversations, will serve to deepen Fellows’ leadership and collaboration across multiple lines of difference, from personal identity to geography, role and organization.

The Schusterman Fellowship's approach is well-suited to support Fellows in leading through and beyond the challenges we face in this moment. At the heart of the program is the belief that leaders cannot lead others or systems effectively unless they first know how to lead themselves.

During their experience, Fellows focus on identifying what they need mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally to maximize their leadership. They work closely with their cohort of colleagues and executive coaches to deepen their skills and develop their professional networks. And instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that trains everyone on the same set of competencies, Fellows are able to customize their journey through the program to pursue opportunities that best meet their leadership needs. Read more about the Fellowship.

Because we are in the midst of an acutely painful time, we reached out to every Fellow selected for this cohort to discuss whether they had the desire and capacity to take on an intensive leadership development experience. Each leader expressed a clear desire to take on the work of authentic, purposeful leadership now.

They see the urgent need for structural change in our society. And they are ready to be among those who lead it.

These Fellows give me reason to hope that a brighter future lies ahead. They give me hope that we can do the hard work of building the more just and equitable world we envision with courageous, vulnerable, authentic leaders at the helm.

We are so excited to work alongside this talented new cohort as they lead toward change, now and in the future:

To learn more about these Fellows, visit our Schusterman Fellows Directory.

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Chief Talent Officer

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