Newly renovated Tulsa Central Library opens with enhanced educational programming and Greadington Center

  • Team Schusterman

September 29, 2016

We are excited to join with the Tulsa community this Saturday, October 1, to celebrate the grand reopening of the Tulsa Central Library.

The newly renovated library is a state-of-the-art facility with enhanced educational programming, cutting-edge technology, and shared learning and creation spaces that will better meet the needs of the more than 1,100 patrons who visit the Central Library every day, especially children and families. The full Tulsa City/County Library system, which includes 24 locations, serves more than 10,000 visitors each day.

We are proud to have been a part of this public-private partnership that came together to support the revitalization of the Central Library. Libraries are a vital part of our communities, providing equal access to information and learning opportunities, as well as enabling people to develop essential 21st century skills. Research shows that they are especially important for engaging families in children's literacy, learning and development.

“We are grateful to Gary Shaffer, the library team, trust and commission for their vision and stewardship of this project,” said Stacy Schusterman. “The new technologies, resources and bright space of the renewed Central Library will enable our community to continue our 100-year legacy of prioritizing our library system as a home where all Tulsans can come to better their lives through knowledge and learning.”

Among the new shared spaces is the Greadington Center, supported by our Foundation, which is designed to inspire collaborative learning and creation, especially for educators.

It is named for Pocahontas Greadington, an incredibly inspiring educator in her own right, and the first African-American to serve in an administrative capacity in Tulsa schools. Among her many accomplishments, Greadington was a leader in our community in the fight for equality and a stalwart champion of the belief that all children can learn and succeed. She began her career as a math teacher, authored four math books and was known within Tulsa Public Schools and the community as a great mentor for all ages  

Jesse Greadington, the grandson of Pocahontas Greadington and who is studying for his MBA at the Kellogg School at Northwestern in Chicago, joined us on Wednesday for a luncheon in advance of the reopening of the library. 

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