Talking with #MakeItHappen Micro Grant Recipient: Ivy Feinstein!

  • Team Schusterman

November 8, 2013

Ivy Feinstein is an attorney by profession but describes her biggest role as a wife and a mother of three children. Since her youth, she has been passionate about helping others through tikkun olam (repairing the world). Her path has led her to hold various leadership positions in her local Jewish community, through which she has learned that volunteering is an investment in her community. When she does have time to relax she enjoys watching Bravo and Downton Abbey. 

Ivy’s idea to lead a group of 11 young adult women to create the R.A.K. PAK (Random Acts of Kindness) was recently chosen to receive a $1,000 #MakeItHappen micro grant! Together, these women will form a “pop-up” clothing store for needy Jewish children where their parents can shop for them with the assistance of community volunteers (stylists) at no cost. To read more about her project and to volunteer to help her #MakeItHappen visit Ivy’s idea page.

What three hashtags would you use to describe yourself?

#giveback #family #humankindness

What inspired you to apply for a #MakeItHappen micro grant and what do you hope it will achieve?

I had the idea, and the volunteers, for something called the Kinder Kloset, but needed funding to put it in motion. I hope that through our pop-up shop, we are able to build self-esteem and confidence in the children we help.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I get out of bed every morning grateful that it is a new day filled with new possibilities. I have learned that anything is possible as long as you have faith in your dreams.

What is one change you want to see in the world?

I would like to see individuals begin to care about one another with acts of loving kindness. One small act can lead to another act, which will multiply into significant change. People must realize small acts of kindness really make a difference and cause an undeniable ripple effect.

What is the biggest risk you have taken and how did it pay off?

My biggest risk was leaving my family behind to move to another state to pursue higher education after graduating college. The payoff was meeting new friends, seizing new opportunities, immersing myself in the Jewish community and meeting my husband.

Have you ever failed before and what lessons did you learn?

I cannot think of anything in particular, but I know that I have faced failure. I have been fortunate that none of my failures resulted in lasting repercussions.

Who are your heroes?

Single mothers and fathers, teachers and people who are willing to take risks to implement positive change.

Where do you find solitude?

I find solitude while sitting on the beach in Ogunquit, Maine. I am also at peace while cooking, reading, sitting in my garden, walking and my few quiet moments in the carpool line.

Where do you find community?

I find community through my Jewish network of friends. We all share common values and a passion for bettering the lives of others. My life has been enriched by the bonds I have made through shared volunteer projects.

If you had to give up one modern convenience what would it be and why?

I can give up my e-reader and return to traditional books. I believe that regular bound books are important accessories to have in your home to encourage your children to read. Reading a book is liking visiting an old friend .

What is your favorite Jewish memory?

Celebrating Passover in Israel during a trip to visit my daughter who was studying at Tel Aviv University.

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