Rachel Saunders

Reflections on REALITY Wellness, One Year Later

Rachel Saunders, a REALITY Wellness 2016 alumna, is a futurist who explores shifts in culture and commerce for leading global brands and institutions. A human rights advocate, she serves on the Executive Committee of the Gender Equality Foundation, an organization aiding the United Nations and other entities promoting gender parity throughout the world.

Team Schusterman

Meet Justin, REALITY Eden2Zion '16

When entrepreneur Justin Dangel isn’t out listening to music in New Orleans or immersing himself in the poetry of Billy Collins, he’s busy launching start-ups. After working in the offices of the late Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy and then in the Senate office of Joe Biden, he started Voter.com during the 2000 election and then went on to found Consumers United, Inc. In 2014, he went on a REALITY’s Eden to Zion journey to Israel—a journey that set him on a path to new business ventures in Louisiana and in his home state of Massachusetts.

Ethan Lipsitz

Behind the Scenes at Breakout ATL Shabbat Dinner

Genesis Be is a multi-platform artist challenging systemic racism and injustice in America.  She uses poetry, hip hop, painting and other art forms to confront and address some of the most important social justice issues facing our country today.  We met en route to Ron Clark Academy and I was immediately taken by her story and work to remove the Confederate symbol from her home state flag of Mississippi.  It was a true privilege to share the opening ceremony and prayers with Genesis during Shabbat at Breakout ATL.  

Team Schusterman

Meet Karim, REALITY Under 30 '16

Summer school - two words typically not associated with changing the world. But, Karim Abouelnaga (Under 30 ‘16) is setting out to change that narrative. As a graduate of New York City’s public school system, Karim knew he had to make a difference and improve the lives of kids like him. He shared his most transformative moments along the way and take aways from REALITY that have shape his work. You can ask Karim more about education reform, leadership and social entrepreneurship. Learn more about him below.

Team Schusterman

Make it Happen Grant Feature: From Shawarma to Service

Shwarma. Grape Leaves. Baklava. The savory and sweet flavors of Syrian cuisine created by an entrepreneurial Atlanta refugee family featured in Forbes for the secret supper club. Kale. Tomatoes. Basil. The vegetables planted in the Historic Westside Gardens, an Atlanta urban farm founded to remove barriers of access to fresh, healthy food for intown residents. Two distinct communities. How did they discover their commonalities? Follow along on their day of farming and feasting powered by Jesse Grossman’s (Global 2015) #MakeItHappen Passover grant.  You can contact him to talk more about all things 'social impact' in Atlanta or where to find the best food in the city. In his words.

Team Schusterman

A Letter to Menachem Ben-Sasson

We write to you in our capacity as chair of the board and executive director, respectively, of the Academic Engagement Network (AEN) to express our deep concern that the law itself and its broad targeting are counterproductive in our work against the BDS movement in the United States.

Lara Jeremko

VR as a Means of Global Change

I first heard about VR empathy storytelling at a tech conference at Paramount Pictures in 2015. One prominent filmmaker described VR’s ability to create first-person news experiences to increase global awareness and engage empathy. That’s when I realized VR wasn’t all about distraction and escapism; VR has the potential to shift paradigms, transform culture and catalyze real change in the world.

Sara Ivry

Learning, Changing, Serving, Together in Nepal

“I am surprised by our different cultures, our different values,” he said. “In the month of joint orientation, we are mostly from different cultures, we celebrate Shabbat, and that was new for me, for all the Nepalese. In this festival, we have cooperated with each other. We cooked together and we eat together, and we discuss together.”