Sara Ivry

Tikkun Olam and Global Community in Nepal

“This idea—to have identity but to be open to the world—very much impresses me,” he went on. “In the same way that there are Birthright programs, there should be Earthright programs that combine community identity with universal will to make change in the world.” If anything describes the couples’ modus operandi, it’s that.

Justin Korda

Remarks on Receiving the JJ Greenberg Memorial Award

On March 20, 2017, Justin Korda was presented the prestigious JJ Greenberg Memorial Award at the Jewish Funders Network Conference. The annual award recognizes an outstanding Jewish philanthropic professional under 40 who shares JJ’s commitment to Jewish values, community and philanthropy.

Arielle Pearlman

From Cooking to Advocacy on Campus

I was originally drawn to CfH because it allowed me to connect with a new group of people and engage in something about which I am really passionate, cooking. More than that, I am really grateful for how my involvement with CfH has evolved over the years from an enjoyable social outlet with a Jewish twist to an opportunity to focus on advocacy and education.

Team Schusterman

24 Passover Resources to Add Meaning to Your Holiday

To infuse your holiday with added meaning, reflection and discussion, we invite you to explore a multitude of resources from our partners and network. From ensuring racial justice, to welcoming refugees, fighting homelessness, combating hunger, championing inclusion and so much more, each of us can use this opportunity to come together and take action around the causes that matter today.

Team Schusterman

Widening the Circle on Campus

This is us. This is who we are as individuals and as a community. In Parashat Kedoshim in Vayikra, we are taught to "love thy neighbor as thyself" and I think that is the most important lesson in the Torah. Individuals with disabilities are our neighbors and we shouldn't treat them any differently than we would ourselves.

Aviva Jacobs

Shabbat as a Safe Haven: A reflection from the Weekend of Hope, Healing and Service

I left dinner feeling both courage and hope in my heart, uplifted by a sense of community and cohesion and affirmed as a Jewish woman in the world trying to find a way to fight for justice amid the chaos. After proudly marching at the Women’s March that Saturday, I volunteered on Sunday at a nursing home with a small (but mighty) group of other volunteers, all of whom were also at the Shabbat dinner on Friday.

Team Schusterman

Statement on Recent Events - February 1, 2017

Today and every day, we stand with those who are speaking out in support of the values that we as Americans and as Jews hold dear: inclusion, tolerance, justice and equality for all.

It was in 1883 when a young Jewish woman named Emma Lazarus sought to give voice to those same values. As a fundraising effort for the Statue of Liberty’s new pedestal, Emma wrote a poem that has since been etched into the American consciousness. She writes in “The New Colossus” that ours is a country that welcomes all those who come in search of a better life.