Introducing Our Newest Cohort of Schusterman Fellows


We launched the Schusterman Fellowship in 2015 because we believe that effective, visionary leaders are key to transforming organizations and affecting change on today’s most pressing issues. Since then, the Schusterman Fellowship has empowered more than 160 Jewish leaders to deepen their work as they build and sustain Jewish communal life and Israeli civil society.

Today, we are excited to announce our newest cohort of Schusterman Fellows.

This cohort of Fellows is diverse in their backgrounds, the experiences that shaped them, the strengths that drive their success and the places they call home. But these 31 leaders also share a common theme: they are each committed to driving positive change in their organizations and communities. 

From advancing women’s leadership and gender equity, to developing and supporting 21st-century strategies of belonging, or leading new social movements in Israel our Fellows are putting Jewish values into action, helping to foster thriving Jewish communities (kehillot) in the U.S., Israel and across the globe, and they are rising to meet the unprecedented challenges before us.

Each Fellow will embark on an 18-month journey to grow and deepen their leadership and their network of peers. Our program centers around helping our Fellows practice and embrace their ability to Lead Self, Lead Others and Lead Systems because we believe that in order for Jewish life and Israel to thrive in the 21st century, we need talented leaders at the helm to help us navigate through nuance and complexity. This “inside-out” approach is designed to ensure our Fellows are equipped to do just that. 

At a time when the world is grappling with profound and generation-defining challenges, we need leaders who serve with clarity of purpose, empathy and the ability to collaborate with people who share their vision, as well as with people with differing perspectives. Our newest cohort of Fellows is already engaged in work that will improve the global Jewish community and beyond.

We are so excited to work alongside them as they continue their leadership journeys and help navigate us toward positive change, now and in the future.

Colleen Cruikshank is the Director of the Schusterman Fellowship at Schusterman Family Philanthropies.

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