5 Questions with Mitchell Caminer!


1. What are you looking forward to in your new role as Communications Fellow?

As the new Communications Fellow, I’m really excited to start contributing to the Foundation’s digital presence. Social media and the broader web represent incredible opportunities to enhance Schusterman initiatives and communities through timely and compelling content. I want to better understand how the Foundation's communications can not only complement ongoing philanthropy, but can help achieve Schusterman’s mission.

Working alongside colleagues in the States and in Israel, I hope to learn from their experience and expertise so that I can improve as a writer and strategic thinker. Just a couple days into the job, I’ve been so impressed with the perspectives and experiences my colleagues bring to the office every day. I couldn’t be more thrilled to join this talented group.

2. What key lessons from your past experience do you plan to apply to your new role?

As the Co-President of Northwestern Hillel last year, I learned to broaden my perspective of the Jewish community and the challenges it faces. I saw how communication efforts can strengthen a community, bring disparate individuals together and bridge divides on a college campus. The role allowed me to understand how different stakeholders worked together and brought a range of opinions to meetings and conversations. Over the course of the year, I gained a much greater appreciation for the scope of activities needed to sustain a vibrant and supportive Jewish community on a college campus.

In this new role as a Fellow, I hope to broaden my perspective of the worldwide Jewish community even further, and to harness our communications efforts to convene different audiences around shared ideas and experiences.

3. What is the best piece of personal or professional advice you have ever received?

Seek answers to these two questions: “Who are your professional role models?” and “What do you want to be an expert in?”

4. What is Chicago’s best kept secret?

Chicago’s tourist attractions are great, but visitors should make an effort to explore the city’s many neighborhoods. I was born and raised in Lincoln Square and it has the charm of a small town combined with the perks of the big city. The Square is perfect for a day of delicious food, fun shopping and relaxing vibes. Grab a coffee and bagel at Beans & Bagels, find a page-turner at the Book Cellar, choose the perfect sandwich and cocktail pair at Jerry’s and polish the day off with a Cafe Selmarie pastry.

5. What is on your DC to-do list?

If it ever drops below 90 this summer, I will be exploring some of the region’s biking and hiking trails. Finding the best spots to watch Chicago and Northwestern sports is a must. I’ve also been keeping busy identifying the best coffee, donuts, and ice cream in the city, send along any suggestions!